The Essential You Need to Speed up Spine Recovery

Spine Recovery

After getting a spine surgery, the patients are likely to go home on the same day. However, at different times spine surgery patients need to remain confided in a recovery center for a week or less. If a person is experiencing minimally invasive surgery on the same day, there might likely be a process where he or she will be observed till the surgeon gives the confirmation. Regardless of the time you spent in a recovery center, the following are a few important things recovery patients should know about.


The doctor might give you laxatives to ease up the digestive processes especially if the water is not hindering the problems related to post-surgery constipation. It can help your digestive health because it might work slowly just after a surgery. The recovery staff encourages the spine surgery patients to focus more on quick healing, the reason they sometimes prefer laxatives.
After talking to a spine surgeon, Santa Monica residents can ensure better recovery and health. Whether it is taking laxatives or exercising, a spine care expert can be able to provide reliable support.

Comfortable Clothing

You are more likely to wear a long gown during the entire operation, however, you don’t need one when you are under observation. The surgery patient will be under observation on the same day if he or she needs to be discharged on the same day. It is better to neglect the urge to strain after wearing comfortable clothes such as a loose-fitting top or sweatpants. You can also ask the hospital staff for some help if you are facing problems with your clothes.


There are a few surgical procedures which needs a long recovery time such as minimally invasive surgery. The surgery patients might have to stay at the recovery center for a day or two, the reason you should bring along personal entertainment to cut down boredom. Reading books or playing games on an iPad can prevent extra boredom. Always ask the recovery staff about all the effective options which speeds up recovery time. Sometimes the home preparations might include some extra steps such as making a sleeping area downstairs.

Water Bottle

It is necessary to keep adequate water and essential nutrients flowing throughout the body. The area affected by spine surgery must be dehydrated and requires enough water content. Drinking water can effectively reduce several post-surgery problems like constipation. Take a disposal water bottle so you don’t have to go anywhere to drink water.

Ice Packs

With numerous spine care procedures, the patients might experience excessive swelling. If a person wants to eliminate inflammation and boost comfort, use ice packs. You can ask for ice packs from the recovery center. However, ask the hospital staff how to safely use ice packs around the affected area.
Using the above-mentioned tips can make a significant difference in your comfort level while you are recovering from a spine surgery. A reliable Santa Monica spine surgeon can also provide great suggestions to speed up recovery.

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