The Ever Increasing Commercial Solar Adoption

We all are aware of the fact that commercial solar adoption was rooted in affecting environmental change and this is a major benefit. Early photovoltaic technology adopters have seen it as a potential solution to what has now become a global energy crisis. They shrugged off the short-sighted labels and pushed photovoltaic technology as a viable alternative energy source, praising the environmental impact of solar power.

The Facts & Figures

In 2016, United States enhanced its solar installations by 95%, which was the highest growth rate on record. Today, solar energy adoption is at an all-time high in US. According to a survey by SunPower, 87% of business respondents mention saving money as one of the primary reasons for funding solar projects. Some businesses also see it as a project to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in electricity bills over the life of their commercial solar panel system.

While financial gain has increased to the number one solar energy benefit, environmental impact is still very much in the mix. These days, solar energy and commercial solar is becoming a more attractive solution to a greater number of companies and as the benefits of sustainable business practices continue to grow and progress, everyone can get benefitted from the end result.

Commercial Solar Benefits

Financial Gains: By investing money in commercial solar, businesses have the potential to reduce their electric bills considerably. This is because the energy produced by solar panels is not only used to power the facilities, but it can potentially earn the credit with the local utility.

Environmental Impact: Climate Change has been threatening everything, from our water quality to our food and even wildlife habitats. But solar energy, unlike fossil fuels is a clean, green and inexhaustible supply of renewable energy. It produces far fewer greenhouse gas emissions, which is the main culprit behind chronic health conditions, pollution and also, global warming. So, this will be a major win for the globe.

Brand Elevation: Brand elevation is a motivating factor while investing in commercial solar panels. It sends a powerful message of we all being committed to renewable energy and we all care about the environment. This can nurture an immeasurable sense of intimacy with potential customers and existing customers and even the prospective employees.

So, if you are planning to invest in commercial solar, be ensured that you will also experience all these benefits.


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