The F-One Bandit is now for sale at KiteLine Kiteboarding

Here is what F-One has to say about the F-One Bandit.

The F-One Bandit comes in the following sizes: 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 14m

After 14 years of development of the Bandit we always get the same question: How will you improve kitesurfing equipment again?

Our passion is to improve things and for us even when we go into the validation it’s just a step in the complete evolution process. Every season we choose to work on a specific point that should be improved. Let’s take the car R&D example to illustrate: One season they work on the engine and gain power, the following year, they need to improve the body to allow it to fit the new engine power, then they have an issue with the shock absorbers and so on… The process never ends!

It has been the same process for us and for the 2021 development, we have done an intensive work on the profile sleekness and the canopy tension. This development forced us to test different designs as well as different materials.

F-One Bandit Profile Improvements

If we compare the improvements on the new 2021 profile and the previous ones we can observe the differences:


The deformation of the cloth on the back of the profile was creating a curve.

We also used to have some sort of spoiler on the trailing edge.

The result was that the more wind you had, the deeper was the profile on the back. This was giving more unwanted power, creating more drag and as a result, more lateral traction and instability!


The new design and material are improving the profile on the trailing edge… It is now clean and straight in order to have limited drag and a way better efficiency.

Improving the back of the profile and the trailing edge gave us better performances but generated a bit too much speed that we didn’t need. We have then chosen to use a deeper profile to give us a bit more raw power for the low end and boost for the jumps. The result is an easy power in the low end an impressive high end, depower, stability and control.

A better profile improves all aspects of flying phases: The stability in flight or when static of the BANDIT is now way better giving you more comfort and confidence with no movements parasites.

Going upwind is unbelievably easy with a kite pulling you more forward without lateral pull. Sending the kite up to 12 is easy and the pull is more vertical for a higher jump. Going through the kite loops the kite has less drag and achieves the loop faster with a clean and fast “back to 12” to support you even if you have to send it low.

About KiteLine

For the past 20 years, KiteLine has been immersed in the kiteboarding industry. We’ve seen the evolution of kiting: from those sketchy days when we had to jerry-rig our own hand-made gear, through the rapid development of depowerable LEIs, to our current state of kite gear.

But why should you care about that? Our depth of knowledge and a broad collection of kites for kitesurfing have got you covered. We can help you figure out what gear will match your riding style and which kites and boards will help you advance to the next level. We have 1000s of customers worldwide that have been with us 15 or more years! These customers know that we take care of them with the best customer service around!

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