The feedback for your RuneScape skilling boss is abysmal

Tbh I believed most of ascension bosses the game. Despite their somewhat humanist mechanisms, they still are just the ascension dungeon reskin supervisors. Same thing imo. Their mechanics and rewards are for the most part different. What are the various mechanisms? Every dino has distinct mechanics – baits, motion, environment protection/detection among other things. It gets more complicated with more dinos from the encounter. Those aren’t mechanics. The miniature game is identical for RuneScape gold every dinosaur. Avoid the large circle, get exactly the same tools for the trap and then lure it to kill the dinosaur. You use the exact same approach and strategy for every dinosaur. A minor visual gap for the bait thing isn’t a mechanic!

Totally not true if you don’t believe that the Daganoth Kings aren’t bosses and don’t have any mechanics. You also failed to realize the motions, protection and range of all dinos are different, not only the baits. Folks are not in favor of this, yes, but they are being mostly constructive. A ton of folks like the concept, but want a bit of a revamp. Skilling bosses are quite meh ngl, and I’m sure the majority of people probably would not do them for long on RS3, it’s not like they’re super popular on osrs from what I remember.

Wintertodt is also the very op method of training FM, and is extremely helpful for ironmen early on due to crates and these. That is why it’s so hot, zolcano and Hespori not too much. If they wanted to do this in RS3 is would have to possess perks good enough for the two game and endgame players, or we would just end up with a different Menaphos episode where content is essentially dead on arrival because lots of the player base is high-max level in RS3. Zolcano is secured behind a grandmaster quest so there is that. Also hespori take like a complete day to develop and it’s solo exactly what do you expect from that?

So because it’s a solo boss that means it can not be unpopular? The only great thing from hespori is bottomless, and even then the majority of people I know that play OS do not bother grinding it out. Grandmaster doesn’t mean much imo, the quest is not hard, I understand ironmen below 100cb who have it done with below average equipment, base 70s aren’t difficult to get as quest prerequisites. My point still stands, unless jagex can think of a skilling boss who has benefits for players of every level it is gonna be dead content fairly quickly no matter how many people bitch about it on reddit.

No I am saying it’s hard to judge Hespori on if it is popular or OSRS Gold For Sale not because people are barely ever there together. Also knowing a few Ironmen who’ve completed Song of the Elves does not actually mean anything. So really you’re statement that they’re all unpopular is incorrect. Hespori additionally provides Anima seeds which can directly impact your XP prices. Stuff like the Attas Seed are still an extreme boon to XP as it globally raises your additional harvest chance. I get like 60K Farming XP but only allotment + herb operates alone due to Attas seeds.

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