The first is that the monk setting off into RuneScape

Head up again into RuneScape gold the telescope space, if you do not have earplugs then you will be forced down to fight the warcheif again. Kill the Zamrock telephic and then Speak with the proffesor. He will say how grateful he is and then ask him about the amulet. He’ll say you can use a magic telescope to find it, bring him of every elemental rune, 5 cosmics and one liter glass. Bring him the materials and he wil give you”magic extent”, trigger it and also three cutscenes will follow. The first is that the monk setting off into the south west, so one of these carries a bit of the amulet around his neck. They are on whitewolf mountain. The second is the amulet at the head of a guthix statue. The last is held from the insane Prophet…

First visit the mad prophet and wear your zamrock robes, he’ll take you to a brotherhood meeting. Today you should answer questions about Zamrock, you will find five, if you get 3 wrong you’ll be attack in a multi combat zone by 5 level 40s and 1 level 78. You can escape in the teleporter in the corner to test again. Should you kill the gain you’ll get the amulet piece. The queries are.

Once you have answered the questions you can leave the table while the prophet talks and pickpocket the angry prophet. If you fail you will be struck 6 damage. You are now assaulted and teh teleport will be closed off. Now head to a corridor from the room, go upon the pit of teh rope swingand then along the side of the wall. Squeeeze through the crack and then wriggle up crezase. You’ll end up in ourania cave next to a ravine.

New Cat Features New features include: Cats assisting to fight monsters. Cat Behavior Inventory. Photographs will be made soon. Cats helping to fight monsters. Cats can scratch, bite and claw enemies alongside you! Certain restrictions will be necessary though. Cats will automatically strike critters which you strike.

The damage done by your pet depends upon it is cat claws weapon. Any harm done by the cat will not count towards your skills, eg. Cats can also be attacked by the creature. Cats are swift avoid the majority of buy rs 3 gold the attack. The armour can prevent the damage done from 10 damage, the max hit a monster could do to cats.

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