The First Step In Property Security Is To Be Aware Of Your Risks.

“Hire the person, not the post” is well-known hiring advice in industries that prioritize soft talents and high levels of personal integrity. Imperial Security only hires security guards who have finished training through a government-accredited course for the buildings we patrol in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. But there are a few more qualities that we also search for. A Calgary security company can offer the best security guard services.


Faithful Reporting


A responsible guard will submit regular, thorough reports. Using a special app that all of the security officers at Imperial Security have on their mobile devices makes this simple. With verification of the time, date, and location when reports are made, the software enables real-time reporting. Consistently reliable security personnel can make or break a security strategy as well as a company’s reputation.


D, D, And D


The attributes of being dependable, diligent, and active set the greatest security guards apart from the competition. Security guard businesses and the clients they serve require guards they can trust to show up, perform their tasks, and adapt to changing circumstances.


Dynamic Reactions


Dynamic circumstances require dynamic guards. Foot patrols might result in more challenging cases, even when services like fire watch and access control may be reasonably straightforward. For the protection of the guards and the comfort of others, it is essential to engage individuals in a focused, non-confrontational manner.


Trustworthy Service


A trustworthy guard must show a history of consistent service, either in previous security duties or, if they are brand-new, in prior paid or unpaid tasks. A guard with a long-term employment history may also be an excellent long-term employee who will get to know their clients and collaborate with them to improve their security measures.


A guard can be a good and dependable presence by knowing whether to defuse tensions or use more force.


Clearly Expressed Words


It takes effective communication to collaborate with others and submit insightful reports. Well-spoken security officers offer a positive first impression, and those who write clear, concise reports make it simpler for clients to comprehend what transpired in a particular circumstance. The most pertinent information regarding an occurrence is presented to clients, who may also receive knowledge about potential improvements to property security.


Satisfied Customers


Security officers must also be able to comprehend the needs of the client. Property protection is more than just what you do; it’s about making people feel safe. The secret to meeting and exceeding expectations is understanding what the client wants.


Imperial Security has more than 25 years of expertise and has become known as a reliable supplier of security guard services. Since your security is what we do for a living, we are aware of what clients expect. There are holes in every asset. Every building has an entrance, but only some people who can enter the door ought to. Even if they are permitted entry, access may occasionally be restricted.


As more doors and windows are added, the threats to houses increase. The risks rise if a fence or hedge is used to enclose the property. A wall may increase security or serve as a call to arms for intruders. Trespassers and others who might want to harm your staff can be hidden by a hedge.




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