the five best action movies on Dogesflix streaming media

Nothing makes your blood boil more than a good action movie, whether you like scenes full of CGI special effects, elaborate fighting scenes, or just a bunch of roaring things. Dogesflix’s movie library is ready for you. Here are the five best action movies on Dogesflix streaming media, so bring some popcorn and enjoy it.

1. Dark Knight (2008)

“Dark Knight” is the second in Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy and is undoubtedly the best action movie. Christian bell is not only completely immersed in the role of Bruce Wayne / Batman, playing a tortured billionaire and becoming a righteous man with unique beliefs, but also has Heath Ledger’s clown, a crazy villain worthy of sharing the screen with our hero. The film is Ledger’s last role before his death, but it is a heartbreaking portrayal of a man with the trauma of the past and driven by his madness for chaos and destruction. Of course, we all support Batman’s victory, but we can’t deny the fun of seeing ledger explode in more than two hours.

2. Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale is Daniel Craig’s first appearance as James Bond, but his gentle MI6 agent is like the role he has played for decades. The film brought a soft reset to the fans of the spy series when we saw the new bond start his first mission as 007. Bond’s mission is to defeat and capture a private banker who finances terrorist activities in a high-risk poker game in Montenegro. Together with bond is Vespa Linde (a terrorist played by Eva Green), an accountant in MI6. One of her secrets could undermine the mission and kill bond.

3. The worse the fall (2021)

Idris alba, Jonathan major, Regina king, sassy Bitz and lex Stanfield starred in this gorgeous, stylish Western directed by relatively new actor Jamie Samuel. Meggies plays a vengeful outlaw. When he learns that he has been escaped from prison, he decides to track down his old enemy (alba). Under the background of Jay-Z’s music, they formed their own gangs and played a dusty and lawless cat and mouse game.

4. Town (2010)

Ben Affleck wrote, directed and starred in this tough robbery action movie set in his hometown of Boston. Affleck plays Doug, a master thief who plans his greatest and last robbery. He is distracted by his romantic relationship with the bank manager (Rebecca Hall) he met in his last job. When Doug and his team planned a robbery involving the Red Sox stadium, a stubborn FBI agent (played by Jon ham) appeared.

5. Blade Runner (1982)

Ridley Scott’s highly creative sci-fi series has released one or two sequels, but the original film is still a very interesting film. In 2019, in Los Angeles, Harrison Ford played a tired policeman, Rick Deckard, who was recruited to look for a replica of the black future. Scott’s imagination is obviously beyond the level of technology, because there are bioengineering humanoid robots, flying cars and high-tech lie detectors, but Ford’s inner struggle and crazy action scenes are the real driving force of the film.

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