The Five Keys to Co-Creation: Essential Principles for Teaching Prenatal Yoga

I named my prenatal yoga instructor certification school “Ma Yoga” partly because “ma” means “mother” in just about EVERY language. It’s really wild – here are just some “b”s:

• Belarusan: “Matka”

• Bosnian: “Majka”

• Brazilian: “Mae”

• Bulgarian: “Majka”

In the ancient language of yoga, “Ma” also means something else besides mother: the highest, most powerful, wise and nurturing – as in “Ma Kali”, the Mother of all Goddesses.

And yet, Ma Yoga is so much more than a pregnancy yoga instructor training.

We see pregnancy as an opportunity to learn to turn nurturing energy inward and align with the flow of prana/ life force energy, so that we can help allwomen can step into their highest, most powerful and wise “Ma” Self.

The 85-hour Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification Program (RPYT) will teach you yoga principles and practices that support whatever is wanting to be born through you, whether that’s a baby, a vision, or a new way of offering your gifts to the world.

In the process of learn to teach yoga for new moms and moms-to-be, you’ll discover the keys to co-creation, or what I call the Five Sacred Steps:

Sacred Step One: Find the Feminine

Receptivity and spaciousness is where we begin any co-creative act, whether it’s a pose or planning a class or writing a poem.

Sacred Step One, Find the Feminine, applies especially to fertility, when we’re trying to get pregnant, and early in the first trimester when life is beginning to form.

We remember we’re not in charge, and we make space for energy to flow optimally.

Sacred Step Two: Source Your Strength

In any yoga practice, after we sit and breathe, we start moving and flowing.

In order to do this, we connect to our steady center, engaging our muscles.

This principle protects our joints and creates an integrity that’s especially important for pregnancy as we approach the 2nd trimester, when hormones like relaxin and progesterone have kicked in, destabilizing all the joints.

Sacred Step Three: The Play of Nature

When we get stressed, our groin muscles right where our thigh meet our pelvis tighten.

We tend to squeeze our butt and tuck our tailbone under.

This natural response to stress is embedded in our every day language – someone might have a “stick up their butt” or they’re a “tight-a**”.

To let prana, life force energy, flow freely, we invite play into our hips and pelvis by returning our low back to its natural curve.

On the pregnancy journey, this principle is especially important toward the 3rd trimester, when the weight of the baby pulls our thighs forward and encourages tucking under and squeezing in, blocking baby’s exit strategy.

Sacred Step Four: Ground Your Power

After we open up the back of the pelvis with the playful, watery actions of Step 3, we move into our core power.

We know from the first principle that we always want to make space for baby.

So how to keep space for baby plus engage the core?

You’re not sucking in, and you’re using your power to ground your energy downward from your low belly.

Just the way a pregnant mama breathes can help tone her core – and help prevent diastisis recti, or abdominal wall splitting.

Sacred Step Five: Freedom

In any pose, once you’ve aligned physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually, Step 5 is the moment when you get to enjoy pure freedom.

In other words, strehhhhhtch!

Because you’ve spent time aligning, the opening happens safely, effectively, and in a deeply transformational way.

If you want to teach prenatal yoga and yoga for new moms, understanding these principles and how to apply them for pregnant women will make it so easy for you.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by 108 different poses, you’ll know how to help your students make space in body, mind and heart, and in any pose with their highest, “Ma” potential.

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