The Five Most Common Errors Homeowners Make When Installing a Whole House Fan

A QuietCool whole house fan is a cost-effective way to cool your home and reduce your usage of the air conditioner all the time. But of course, you have to install it properly to ensure efficiency and reliability. Here are some of the most common mistakes homeowners make when installing their QuietCool whole house fan and how to avoid them:

Mistake #1: Getting the wrong size

How big should the whole house fan be? The answer depends on your home’s square footage. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking simply in terms of small, medium, or large and choosing their whole house fan like they would with a ceiling fan. Don’t do this. Remember that the air exchange with the whole house fan must occur at least once every four minutes. Otherwise, the whole house fan won’t be effective. When in doubt, consult the manufacturer or supplier for advice.

Mistake #2: Not considering the size of the attic

Every QuietCool whole house fan has an instruction leaflet indicating the square footage of vents necessary for the attic to ensure sufficient cooling. You must meet the number of square footage based on the attic’s exhaust area. You can go beyond the indicated number, but fewer air vents may prevent the fan from cooling the home effectively.

Mistake #3: Wrong placement

Leave the installation to professionals to ensure proper placement, ideally at the central point of your attic. In most homes, that is the area between the ceiling and the floor, but if you don’t have an attic room, it can be installed in the central hallway attic. Placing it in the middle of the house can allow the fan to easily pull fresh air from outdoors and force the hot air out.

Mistake #4: Picking a noisy fan

Avoid older models of whole house fans that generate too much noise and can disrupt you and your neighbors. Go for modern products with minimal operational noise, such as the QuietCool whole house fan, which is also environmentally friendly and energy-friendly.

Mistake #5: Not making room for whole house fan installation

Remove the pipes, insulation, wires, and ducts from the space where you plan to install the whole house fan. That way, you can let the fan function optimally while ensuring maximum safety.

About the Company:

Whole House Fan is an authorized distributor of QuietCool whole house fans, attic fans, and garage exhaust fans, helping people with their cooling needs since 2001. They offer fantastic whisper-quiet, safety-tested fans at an affordable price. These high volume fans move 1250 to 6400 cubic feet of air per minute, effectively pushing out the hot air, pollutants, and germs and allowing fresh and cold air from outside to come in. The energy efficiency of these fans is off the charts, providing you with ROI in energy savings within about two years of purchase. Visit the website to buy one now or call 1.888.229.5757 for free expert advice.

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