The former MVP has been an overrated player

Russell Westbrook was given 2K MT an awful 78 percent overall score on NBA 2K23. Russell Westbrook has the fourth-highest 2K23 score of the Los Angeles Lakers. Westbrook is obviously behind both NBA superstars LeBron Jamees and Anthony Davis but he is even further behind his most recent player as well. 2K gave Patrick Beverley a 79 overall rating, which is probably fitting for where he is at in his career.

Westbrook is stood in a tie with Kendrick Nunn and was slightly higher than the likes of Thomas Bryant and Lonnie Walker IV. It’s a major downfall for Westbrook and is totally justifiable. Westbrook fans will be horrified by this score and will be quick to point to that box number as an explanation why his rating should probably be between mid-to-high 80s. Anyone who has actually watched Lakers Basketball last season understands the blunder that this box score can be, however it is also how badly Westbrook played in the last game of the season.

The former MVP has been an overrated player when it is about being a winning player (he had only one win in a playoff series since Kevin Durant left OKC) but there was no doubt of his athleticism and talent. This could at least translate into 2K, even though it didn’t translate into winning basketball in the real world.

NBA 2K23 is finally Buy 2K MT here which means hoop heads and casual NBA fans will have one season’s worth to discuss and more than a couple of Vince Carter dunk packages to choreograph. This guide will break down the latest NBA 2K23 rosters for all 32 NBA teams. In this guide we’re taking more in depth look at the Toronto Raptors.

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