The Fundamentals Of Baby Jeeter Company LTD

Today, Jeeter operates on a 4.2-acre campus located in Desert Hot Springs, California. The Jeeter campus is comprised of an 18,000-square-foot facility where the brand manufactures, fulfills, produces, and distributes its product lineup. Jeeter employs 700 people and aims to have almost 1,000 employees within the next few months. Let’s not go anywhere until Jeeter is the number one preroll brand in the industry, then we can expand.

You’re more focused. You’re not spreading yourself thin. We were so worried about getting Life In Color into Brazil, versus when we waited until it was the biggest event, then Brazil is calling us. We are expanding into other states on our terms. We’ve been lucky enough to find amazing people to work with locally. But we built the brand here in LA, where we feel the biggest brands in the world would be built.

When someone walks in, it’s actually the first 5-7 people who will receive those boxes, and then the first 20-25 people get limited-edition shirts. In those boxes, that’s going to be the Super Jeeters hoodies, a dope lighter and case, and then, Super Jeeter trays, lanyard, cool little merch. It’s a Banana live-resin infused preroll with Banana Mochi. So we’re calling the strain the Banana Peel, hinting at the Mario Kart influence. We’re also the only preroll brand with a ceramic tip. Our theme for the Jeeterday is Super Jeeters. It’s the video game nostalgia.

A lot of the things in the production are going to be themed out. The Jeeterday shirt sold out quickly this time around: 80% of the inventory sold out in the first 2 minutes. We want to hit the whole spectrum in the industry. We didn’t want to be the brand that only certain people can afford. We wanted to create a product that feels nice, but it’s priced very competitively with all the products that are comparable. Jeeter, we are happy to say, is for everybody.

Do you think the preroll marketplace is a competitive one? Yeah, I think it’s by far one of the most competitive markets. You know, because I feel like the writing’s on the wall, prerolls are the future of this industry. Sure there will always be flower. There will always be connoisseurs who want to buy flower, smell it, break it down, roll it themselves. As we get more mainstream acceptance of cannabis, I believe more people will be attracted to prerolls. I think people just want to grab it and smoke it, and you can see the statistics reflect this. Prerolls are the fastest-growing category, the sales keep going up and up. The percentage of sales, especially in California, has boomed. There are over 1,000 brands that sell prerolls in California.

So it is extremely competitive. That’s why we’re so proud to be where we’re at in California and in the industry. When you’re winning going against thousands of brands, it says something about what you’re doing. It’s competitive but exciting. There’s still so much growth in it. There are prerolls and then there’s the infused preroll market. The infused market was only doing a couple million a month in California, it was 5% of the total preroll market in 2019. And now, it’s 50 percent of the total preroll market. Jeeter was a big reason for that. We also have our non-infused prerolls as well, but the infused market really ignites our creativity. It’s the meshing the flower with concentrates, kief. It just sparks up ideas of all the things you can create.

The reason for our success is our team. Most companies in cannabis, it’s not like they didn’t work out, it’s that they had internal disputes. They imploded internally. You can’t just put money and people together and make it work like a lot of public companies did. At Jeeter team we have under us is absolutely phenomenal, loyal. Even when we’re not there. From the janitor to the trimmer to the grower. Everyone loves working here. They have the Jeeter tattoo on their heart. I’ve seen failures happen in cannabis because people don’t pick the right partners or the right team. You cannot do it on your own. You must have a team around you, pick that team wisely.

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