The game of World of Warcraft: The Land of Shadows is inspired by roguelikes

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“World of Warcraft: Shadow Zone” has just been reduced with the majority of players at the Blizzard Conference in 2019, and will bring a brand new dungeon and raid to the players next year, and the new version of the game brings a former What hasn’t been seen is what the player has never seen before: a random, ever-changing dungeon, game director Ion Hazzikostas says it’s inspired by the most challenging rogue type.



When Sylvanas-Windrunner broke the barrier between the biological world and the shadow continent, it revealed a brand new underground name. This dungeon is called Torghast and is the tower of the Cursed. This new dungeon first appeared in the new expansion trailer, creating a sensation among the players. Especially for those players who are already around 60, they can’t even wait to challenge this new chapter. Once the new 60-level cap is reached, it will play an important role in the player’s behavior. I think this is our second major feature,” Hazzikostas said in a demo. “Because Torghast is a little different from what we have seen before. Clicking on to buy gold coins will not only save you a lot of time, a lot of money, but also enable you to quickly upgrade in the game!




Hazzikostas described Torghast as an “changing” endless dungeon. Simply put, Torghast is a dungeon that changes every time you enter it (just as Roguelike randomly generates a new map each time it runs). Unlike ordinary dungeons, Torghast can be played alone or with up to four friends – no matter what their role.



Torghast’s focus is on upgrading to a higher level of randomly generated towers. Every time, you will get a permanent upgrade, not only that, every time you play the game, you will also get a temporary gain. This will dramatically change the way you play the game – just like any good thief.




As Hazzikostas explains, when you are on the adventures of Torghast, players can enhance their abilities in different ways. In the case of a shaman, you can safely choose a relatively minor gain, or you can grab the “fire secret”, which will greatly enhance your flame skills, but significantly weaken our Frost spells.

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