The global hype on Cricket NFTs and cricket NFT games


The Term Non-Fungible tokens have been getting the hype ever since it came out. Especially in the sports industry, fans are intrigued by the idea of owning their favorite moments in the game or even playing cards in the form of NFTs. NBA Topshot or NFL all day, and more are now the leading platforms providing sports NFTs. Cricket, being enjoyed by 2.5 million people around the world, is also now eyeing this sector with a number of cricket NFT and Cricket NFT marketplaces coming out every day.

Cricket and NFTs- a saga to be told!

Though Cricket had a bit late exposure on blockchain and non-fungible tokens, it is now ruling with utilities and fan engagement. Speaking of fan engagement, fans do not have to wait in queues to get the signature of their favorite cricketer. They don’t have to spend their time looking for merch all around. It is also unnecessary for them to hunt for playing cards like in the old days. With Cricket NFTs, everything is possible with the help of blockchain. And fans get ownership of the rarest of rare cricket-based nfts on the blockchain in just a few clicks.

Today, fans can even own their favorite cricketers’ signed cards, favorite cricket moments, and much more from the cricket NFT marketplace. This is without having to wait for weeks and in queues for a long time. There are also NFTs from international cricketers coming out in support of environmental causes. There are also other NFT collection that gives the fans ultimate utilities, which includes playing P2E-based games on cricket. These games will not only give the fans the joy of owning an NFT based on cricket but also gives them the thrill of playing the game along with a passive income over it.


Cricket NFTs are not confined to the above-mentioned cases alone. With event ticketing, it is also possible that game tickets can also be made in the form of NFTs to avoid a lot of difficulties, such as duplicates and forgeries.


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