The graveyard RuneScape is dotted with dead bodies

It’s gigantic, it’s the location of a quest the Elder God Wars dungeon RuneScape gold and also a mini dig place for archaeology. It’s broken down into five main areas.

At its heart can be found the cathedral in Azzanadra where the elder god eggs are being held. The church is huge and is located in the midst of an infirmary which has grown as the war escalated. The church has expanded to the extent that the interior of the church is filled with wounded. The church also has the shadow realm, but everything important about it has been taken away leaving just an echo.

The upper part of the district is home to the headquarters of the Inquisitor’s Office along with an infernal armory the blood bank along with a market, residential areas and the coliseum. The first few are to be used for quests. The market and the surrounding areas of the residential area are swarming with dragonkin weapons under the supervision of Jas. The coliseum is the battlefield against Jas’s general.

The northern part of the park is a bridge long into a residential area that you can’t really access because most of it is covered beneath glaciers. In the end, there are the aqueducts that have been frozen over and on top of one of them is the place where you have to fight an arch-galcor.

The left-hand side OSRS gold is a large graveyard filled with the creature of fungus, then revived by the old people. The graveyard is dotted with dead bodies that were taken over by the fungus which you can fight by skill. There is also an area reserved for heroes, where you battle the fungus beast Croesus and put it into the midst of a brief sleep, using skilling rather than combat.

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