The Great Free Windows 10 Applications You Should Have On Your PC

To say that Windows 10 Pro has a large number of apps to pick from is an exaggeration. Microsoft stated in a statement from 2018 that the platform has over 35 million apps. It is difficult to tell which applications are worth downloading because there are so many. To make life simpler for you, we have compiled a majority of the best free Windows 10 Home applications, including the finest movie players, picture editors, web browsers, and more.

You will be given the option of downloading the 32-bit or 64-bit version of several of these applications when you go to install them. If you are not sure which one to get, see our guide on the differences between 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

The Greatest Web Browser For Windows 10 Is Google Chrome

Because of its simple and straightforward layout, Google Chrome is by far the most preferred web browser for Windows 10 Pro. It is also one of the quickest browsers available, with a slew of useful features for safeguarding your internet privacy.

All of your bookmarks, browser history, saved password, addons, and more are synced across all of your devices with Chrome. All you must do is register in to Chrome from computer, tablet, or phone, and all your data and settings will be transferred to that device. Chrome may also be customized with over 188,000 addons, far more than every other internet browser.

Windows 10’s Best Free Multimedia Player

Because of its many functionality, VLC is one of the top Windows 10 programs for watching video and other multimedia. It is a free and open-source media player that can play a variety of video files, ranging from MPEG to MKV and anything in between this supports a variety of streaming protocols and can play DVDs and CDs.

VLC makes it simple to watch videos in any format you desire. You can, for example, see parts of a video before it finishes downloading. You can watch a video that comes in a ZIP file without needing to extract each component. VLC is also one of the most customizable media players accessible, with a plethora of addons, skins, and hotkeys.

Sticky Notes By Microsoft: The Best Notes Application For Windows 10

Microsoft Sticky Notes is the best pick if you are searching for simple software to take notes on your Windows 10. You can use this program to type down notes and then “stick” them on your desktops, just like conventional sticky notes.

This free Windows 10 software includes many unique features in addition to the old-school approach of taking notes. You can, for instance, add photos to your memos, synchronize them across all of your gadgets, and use them as recalls for Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant. The software can also recognize addresses or phone numbers, launching a relevant app when you tap or click them. When you click a location on the notes, for instance, the Maps app will open.

Onecalendar: Windows 10’s Best Calendar App

Switching back and forth between multiple calendars might be time-consuming. OneCalendar, on the other hand, allows you to add up to nine web calendars from Google, Microsoft, Outlook, and other sources.

Aside from the standard daily, monthly, and annual views, OneCalendar provides a number of additional features to ensure you do not miss any meetings. For example, upcoming engagements can be displayed as enormous notification center or on your home button. You may also check and modify appointments offline if your internet goes down. OneCalendar’s user interface is simple and flexible, making it one of the best Microsoft windows calendar applications available.

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