The Haunting of Hill House Ending Explained

Netflix released a spooky series named Haunting of Hill House. It is an American supernatural horror drama directed by Mike Flanagan. The series was based on the novel Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, which was published in 1959.

If you are a horror content lover or want to experiment with this genre, then you should watch the series. And if you have already watched the series, and you were like, wait, what! What the heck happened at the end? Then welcome to the article. We are going to dissect the plot of the series and will try to explain the conclusion.

Although the series is spooky enough to give you sleepless nights, the shots were terrific and impressive. But at some point, it is a little confusing to some. And if anyone is not paying enough attention to see the details, then the ending might be little out of the box for them. So let’s dig deeper into the story and try to find the explanation of the climax scene.

Haunting of Hill House is a horror drama about a haunted house, and the family comes to live there. It became quite famous among the viewers for its fantastic direction and acting capabilities. The director behind the series is Mike Flanagan, and it is produced by Amblin Television and Paramount Television for Netflix. The series involves the shots of the present day and the flashbacks at the same time.

One must say the transitions are pretty amazing and appreciable. The cast features Carla Gugino and Henry Siegel as the parents, Oliva and Hugh Crain.


The story started in 1992. It is summer, and the Crain family moves into the Hill House. The Crain’s are seven family members, with parents Olivia and Hugh Crain and five siblings Steven, Shirley, Theodora, Luke, and Eleanor (Nell). Olivia designed the house. They are planning to renovate the Hill House and sell it to the other party. However, the renovation took a little more extra time than expected. And they begin to experience paranormal activities in the house, which leads to a tragic loss, and the family runs from the house. They reunite after twenty-six years and confront how the experience of living in the Hill House affected each of them.

Explanation of Red Room

The Red Room was the stomach of the house. It was closed. Even though Hugh tried many times to open it with a chisel and hammer, but the room stood straight.The Red Room digests the family and tries to get inside their head and slowly brainwash them, which leaves them vulnerable to the influence of the ghosts. That is why the room was playing a different role for different characters. It was a family room for Shirley, a dance studio for Theo, a game room for Steven, a treehouse for Luke, a toy room for Nell, and a reading room for Olivia. The Red Room’s changing nature explains Mrs. Dudley’s confusion when Nell or Luke tell her about the toy or game room. Despite having been there for all these years, she never encountered those rooms.

Who are the Ghosts?

The ghosts were mostly undead. However, there were ghosts of Hills in that house who used to roam all around in the house. But the ghosts also can be embodiments of guilts, regrets, or even trauma. The man behind the bars who keeps appearing to Shirley reminded her when she slept with him at her mortuary conference (he is not dead). Still, he was a representation of her guilt.

What will happen to Hill House now?

Since Hugh, Olivia and Nell are together in the Hill House. They might be able to check on the other ghosts in that house. Remember how Olivia told Poppy hill to piss off and when the spirit of bed-ridden Hazel Hill told Olivia that Poppy lies. It seems like all the ghosts of Hills and Crains will get to know each other and socialize. Who knows, maybe ghosts are also like living folks.

Is it a good ending for Crains?

It seems too good to be true. Luke is two months clean, Strev’s wife is expecting, Shirley gets back with her husband and the beautifully messy Theo is in a relationship with Trish.

Mike Flanagan said in an interview that he thought to shoot the last scene with the Red Room’s weird vertical window behind, implying that the Crains hadn’t yet escaped Hill House. Still, he thought it would be cruel to do that. Although we believe that would have been super cool, unfortunately, Flanagan did not think so.

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