The Health Benefits Associated With Collagen Protein

Most people know about whey protein, which is actually a dairy food structured protein plus a byproduct of your dairy products making process. Bear in mind Very little Miss Muffet, who sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey, well before that darn spider terrified her apart? Well, when you make dairy products, you use temperature and acid to different milk products into curds and whey, The curds grow to be cheese, along with the whey was once thrown away or feed to the pets around the farm. These days, big cheddar cheese manufacturers sell off that whey to protein companies that dry the whey and convert it into protein powder. Whey protein is one of the protein of choice if you are looking for an economical protein supplement. But have you considered people who are “dairy food free” or “paleo”? Have more information about  Zentein Nutrition collagen protein bars

Collagen protein has appeared, within the last several years, as a very good option to whey protein especially for many who want a dairy food free protein resource.

Collagen is considered the most abundant protein inside our physiques, and it is the main aspect of the connective muscle in our bodies, consisting of the skin, hair, joint parts, ligaments, and in many cases our teeth. As we age, the natural collagen production decreases, and also the end result is wrinkled skin, dry hair, tender joints, as well as stretch-marks and cellulite! Supplementing with collagen protein will help to slow or change these results of ageing.

Since we learn from our good friends at Cognitune, there are actually 6 key health benefits of using hydrolyzed collagen protein powder.

1- Assists Skin and Anti-Growing older

2- Stimulates Healthy Hair

3- Boosts Weight Loss

4- Decreases Joint Pain

5- Increases Digestion

6- Fortifies Bone

For these reasons, we strongly suggest the use or collagen protein as being a healthy supplement.

We recently introduced our first Collagen Protein Bar in a delightful Twice Dark chocolate Coffee flavour, which we think is the perfect collagen protein bar in the market these days, in terms of flavour, elements, and texture!

We also like to supplement by adding collagen protein powder to our classic post exercise whey protein shakes, providing us a increase serving of protein, and all of the advantages of whey and collagen protein together. Give it a go.

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