The Heart of Marketing during COVID-19

Broadcast is now starting. All attendees are in listen only mode. Good afternoon folks. And welcome to this special webinar, hosted by Peloma. The powerful, innovative legal marketing and management association. Today’s webinar is the seventh in our coronavirus survival webinar series. Today’s topic is the heart of marketing during COVID-19 joining pillar, president and founder, Ken Hardison, who is also serving as this afternoon’s moderator are Jason Melton,

Justin lovely, and Leshanna council Rogers, a few items before I turn the program over to Ken. All attendees are in listen only mode. So if you’ve got a question for one of our presenters, please submit it. Using the questions tab from your webinars software and should time permit. At the end of the presentation, I’ll read the question aloud and one or more of the guests will provide an answer.

If you’re experiencing audio difficulties, I’d ask you to check your audio settings and perhaps join us via a dial in number rather than computer audio. This webinar is being recorded. However, so a free playback is available on our website at<inaudible> dot org slash Corona. Finally, if you’re interested in a deep dive into how your law firm can emerge from this pandemic stronger and more competitive than before,

I’d encourage you to consider attending our virtual internet domination bootcamp running from May 20th to the 22nd. We’ve assembled 14 speakers across three afternoons and the complete agenda and special pricing for both Pilgrim members and new members can be found on our website. Once again at<inaudible> dot org. Now folks can them Well, thank you. Thank you. And Eric, uh, just check your,

uh, your, uh, messages I up Greg, Harmon’s trying to get a link to get home. So I want to thank you all for being here today. And, um, like I said earlier, this is like the fifth in a series, uh, of, um, webinar’s been doing relating to the code, that team of virus. And what I’ve said is,

you know, it’s gone in stages and I think we’re at a stage now where people are trying to figure out, uh, what they should be doing and, uh, whatever. But, uh, so I’m going to do this today is a little different, we’re not going to have, uh, a, uh, presentation presentation with a, with a PowerPoint.

So we have four and hopefully we’ll have five before we get through here today, lawyers from across the nation, they’re all masterminds and, uh, they’re leaders in their market. They’re very, they think outside the box and that’s why I asked them to be here today. So, uh, each one kind of introduce or Shanda, you can start followed by Justin.

And then Jason, to just tell a little bit about yourself, what you do, what kind of law you practice, where you’re at. Okay. Thanks. Hi everyone. My name is Lashanda council Rogers, and I’m located in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m the owner of council and associates. Well, we are a personal injury law firm. We handle automobile accidents,

uh, trucking accidents and daycare center abuse claims. Okay. Jus Justin. Yeah. I’m attorney Justin. Lovely. I practice in Myrtle beach, South Carolina with my wife and law partner. We practice criminal defense, civil rights, Serious injury cases. Jason. Hi, I’m Jason Melton. Uh, the law firm is called whittle and Melton and we’re in central Florida.

We’re based out of SpringHill, Florida, which is not a very large community, but basically the triangle between Gainesville and Tampa and Orlando is where we practice all types of personal injury, wrongful death, a statewide criminal defense and employment law. Okay, great. So one of the things that we know is that people have a, you know, with all the lockdowns and shelter,

ENS is that people are way more on the social media. And so we’ve been advocating that you get more on that, take some of your spin and put it and transfer it from wherever you got it, like TV or whatever. Put it in some social media like Facebook and Twitter or whatever. So, uh, videos too. And so these lawyers took the lead and have done some great things.

So I want to start with, let’s show him the ladies first and I want you to, do you need Eric to share? Give me the screen? Yes. Okay. So we all came over to the screen and then let’s talk about what you did, why you did it, how it worked, the whole different things you did. Okay.

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