The high-quality of pool fences by Beach Fencing:

The removable fencing was created more than 25 years ago as a result of the high rates of infant mortality due to drowning in swimming pools, with the aim of providing greater protection to babies, children, and pets.

The pool fence system can be installed on all types of surfaces and adapt to the architecture of each pool. They are specially designed to withstand exposure to the elements for years without modifying their original characteristics.

The colorbond fence consists of aluminum rods and a PVC coated polyester screen, a product developed as an accident prevention system. This equipment is the most sophisticated of our entire line of safety equipment for swimming pools, really for demanding customers who really want to enhance their leisure area by living up to the investment made on site.

It is undoubtedly the most resistant technology for pool protection around the world.

This product provides a perfect installed finish and can be completely removable at any time you need your area cleared for a party.

The pool fence design is customized exclusively for your property, you determine where the fence starts and ends, and where the gate with a magnetic lock or module opening will be installed, and the rest leave with us.


– Reduce accident chances by 95%

– Child and Pet Protection

– Fully removable product

– High durability

– Fully translucent allowing full visibility

Protection with pool fence:

Your home’s pool can be a problem for those who can’t swim, like small children. If you are looking for a solution to this problem, choose the pool fence in Australia, efficient and resistant to help prevent accidents in the best possible way: with quality.

Beach Fencing ( is a company that has been in the market for years, which is why it has already helped several customers. We know that protecting your family is paramount and that you can’t have eyes everywhere all the time. With this, we produce the best in security products.

All of our fencing contractors are professionals and specialized. They can install the fence in a few minutes. With quality work completed, you don’t have to worry, the fence takes care of everything.

If you live in Australia, do not hesitate to look for our northern beaches fences services. We offer incredible equipment at the best price on the market. Trust the work of those who want the best for your family.

Did you like and want to know more about us? We are always ready to assist you. Innovation and excellence are qualities of our company.




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