The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Engines

The Himalayas are one of the most spectacular places in the world. They stretch across state and national boundaries and vary in altitude from the foothills of Himachal to the tallest peaks in the world. They present a daunting challenge then, for those that are willing to test themselves on one of the hardest obstacle courses the earth has presented us with. India Motorbike tours’ Trans Himalayan tour is a challenge as well, but it rewards riders with one of the most satisfying experiences one can have. This Himalayan motorcycle tour will take riders through some of the most awe inspiring places in the world during its 900km course.

The 12 day journey will begin in the national capital of Delhi, where travellers will board a train to Kalka, where they will be greeted by the Himalayan Queen. The Himalayan Queen is a toy train that operates between Kalka and Shimla that moves comfortably on a 5 hour journey through the hills. The train provides a stunning perspective on the scenic beauty of Himachal and presents a unique opportunity on the journey to relax and soak in the glory of the mountains as you go through tunnel after tunnel.

From Shimla the real journey will commence. After a quick briefing and introduction to the bikes, the riders will be on their way from the bustling tourist town of Shimla towards the holy spot that is Sarahan. Next on the itinerary are some quick-fire stops at quint little towns and villages in Himachal, each more beautiful than the last. From Kalpa to Nako, from there to Tabo and on toward Dhankar Lake will the journey go. Each day will be punctuated with a hotel stay in a 4 star hotel with great local cuisine that one must experience first-hand. The journey will then continue past Dhankar Lake towards Kaza and onwards to Ki monastery and Komic Village, which happens to be the highest motor able village in the world. From there the riders will continue on through the Kunzum and Rohtang Passes towards Manali. On the final leg of the journey the riders will head to New Delhi via train to finish this epic adventure, through some truly unforgettable vistas.

The journey will be scenic and at times challenging, but in the end it will be worth it, with beautiful views and even prettier roads along the way. That really is the true beauty of Himachal, the roads. They are smooth and winding for the most part with some fun little bumpy bits thrown in to keep riders entertained. The winding tarmac through the hills is hypnotic in a sense, time and space lose all meaning as the rubber meets the road and the billions of dotted white lines are left to be forgotten in the rear view mirror.

So join us on this incredible Himalayan motorcycle tour, through the beautiful terrain on some of the most imposing features in the world. Let India Motorbike Tours worry about the logistics so you can focus on the ride.

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