The importance of chartered quantity surveyors

What are the responsibilities of chartered quantity surveyors

To be chartered means to obtain a formal qualification awarded for recognition of competence. You can become chartered in a particular professional field, and you can do so by demonstrating intricate knowledge of the topic at hand.  Chartered quantity surveyors are recognised for their extensive skill in the industry of quantity surveillance. As a quantity surveyor you will assist in building a safer, happier, and more sustainable environment. Additionally, you will work on a variety of different jobs, the scale of which differs dependant on the project. Your primary focus will be the estimation and control of costs for large construction projects. Furthermore, you then make sure that the structures meet legal and quality standards. Therefore, quantity surveyors, in specific those who have been chartered, are very valuable to any workforce.


Why are chartered quantity surveyors important? 

The role of a quantity surveyor is very important to a construction project, however, chartered quantity surveyors command much more respect. Being chartered is important because it signifies your commitment to the role. It shows dedication. Secondly, it acts as proof of your adherence to the professional standards and ethics of the industry. Such proof then gives the general public reason to trust you and your decisions, giving them confidence in your skills. Finally, becoming a chartered quantity surveyor benefits not only you, but also your business, your staff, and your clients. For example, you need to be able to advise on legal matters, as well as covering risk management and any disputes that may arise.


Chartered Quantity Surveyors through RICS

RICS stands for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. They offer a membership scheme that promotes and encourages chartership. There are multiple benefits to this membership for all who join. Firstly, you can use the CPD sessions and networking events available to develop your expertise and build a global professional network. This also allows you to enhance your employability and earning potential. Additionally, you are able to demonstrate high quality standards and ethics throughout the work you do, helping you to make your mark on the world. Finally, membership through RICS, allows you to broaden your horizon, and help lead the industry towards better practice. Chartered quantity surveyors are always in demand, and RICS helps you gain your qualification, and then rewards you for doing so.



There is a lot you can learn about quantity surveying through membership with RICS. Upon qualification to becoming chartered quantity surveyors, you can learn a lot about yourself, your industry, and your impact. With RICS there are two methods available to help you achieve this qualification. Each type is tailored to suit different individuals based on their experience and prior qualifications. The College of Contract Management have done an extensive investigation into the two pathways. If you are looking to become a chartered quantity surveyor, it is worth compiling your evidence of previous experience before applying. This will also help to show you the best direction in which you can learn.


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