The Importance of First Aid for Chickens

Chickens are extraordinary, joyful creatures with incredible memories, individual personalities and full-color vision. They are very social, love to play, are exceptional gardeners and there are over 25 billion of them—more than any other bird on the planet. Over the past twenty years, a staggering number of Americans have discovered that chickens also make wonderful companions.


While many keepers may initially be drawn to chickens because of the instant availability of fresh eggs, this is only one reason they make great pets. Chickens are surprisingly entertaining and great sources of laughter, from the way they run, walk, cackle, chase bugs or perform other activities. Like humans, some are brave, bossy and curious while others can be standoffish and timid. Keeping chickens as pets provides endless relaxation and stress-relief…think of it as free therapy! Chickens are some of the easiest and lowest-maintenance pets around, requiring a small amount of daily attention for them to lead healthy and happy lives.

Though they are quite remarkable, chickens can get into trouble from time-to-time and require special attention. Anyone with experience raising or keeping chickens understands that, even in the safest and most protected environment, situations will unexpectedly arise which require the application of first aid techniques and procedures. A sample of these situations includes:

Chicken Frostbite

• Respiratory Infection

• Broken Toenail

• Open Sores

• Mites or Worms

• Minor Injury

• Cut or Scrape

• Sprain

• Insect bite or sting

• Hurt foot

• Puncture wound

It is important for keepers to pay close attention to their chickens and notice any problems soon after symptoms materialize. This is the best way to prevent an issue from worsening—potentially becoming catastrophic—and affecting the rest of a flock. Though it may come as a surprise to the outside observer, a process for chicken first aid is essential for all sizes of chicken-keeping operations—from a single pet to the largest commercial flock.

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