The importance of good pool maintenance

The summer season is approaching and the pools will soon hang the “open” sign. Although we must take care of pool maintenance throughout the year, we must monitor its condition more carefully as the summer months approach.

If during the whole year the pool has not received minimum maintenance, it is essential to set it up in time for the bathing season, otherwise, it could represent great health risks.

In, we have experts in pool closing service as well as pool opening in Toronto whether private or community, that work throughout the year to maintain the good state of the structure and water through the calibration of chemicals, chlorification, and cleaning of filters and pumping, among other actions.

Main measures for pool maintenance:

Normally the pools are associated with fun, although you have to be aware that if it has not been subjected to minimal maintenance, it could become a health risk and cause certain infections. Therefore it is recommended that the pools comply with the following measures:

– Temperature: about 25 ° C.
– Chlorine level: 1–3 parts per million (PPM)
– Maintain the exact level of PH: between 7.2 and 7.6 (7.0 indicates absolute water neutrality)
– Check disinfectant and pH levels at least twice a day to ensure the absence of germs.
– Perform water disinfection: Clean the areas around the pool with water and chlorine.
– Water filtering: It is important to filter the water for a few hours, in addition to brushing the walls and floor of the pool. To filter the water it is necessary to wait about 12-24 hours for all the impurities to disappear with the use of the machine cleans funds, taking all the dirt directly to the drain without going through the filter.
– Crystal water maintenance. Among the causes that cause water to be cloudy are too high pH levels, poor water filtration due to traffic jams or dirt or the presence of algae which are small particles on the water. – who are we?

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