The Importance of Having Your Plumbing Inspected

Thrilled to purchase the home of your dreams?

Finally owning your home is an event worth celebrating. However, don’t close the deal just yet. Homeowners make it a habit to inspect the whole property before moving in to ensure they didn’t invest their entire life’s savings on a possibly dangerous or rundown house. Having a home inspection is crucial, and you might want to ask for a plumbing inspection beforehand.

Why Should I Inspect Plumbing?

A home’s water system is prone to damage and unsanitary conditions that could make you and your family sick. Plumbing, after all, is connected to the sewer system. Performing an inspection on the pipes will prevent the possibility of flooding, leaking, and clogging.

What Happens in a Plumbing Inspection?

Certified plumbers will come over to have a routine check on the plumbing system to look out for any defects and future faults that could damage your home if neglected. They’ll note any irregularities that can help you negotiate prices and avoid undesirable properties.

Inspection isn’t just applicable to purchasing homes; existing homeowners should routinely do this. If you have already looked up “home inspection near me” before, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t start looking for a reputable plumber to check on your water system soon.

Here are some reasons why a plumbing inspection is essential.

Leaking Pipes

The presence of leaks in pipes is indicative of a significant plumbing issue. Water escaping from cracks or faulty pipe installations can lead to water damage in the property, such as wood decay, and will need immediate replacement. Moreover, leaks increase water consumption bills.

Clogged Sewer Systems

You’ll never know that the house you plan to purchase has problems with clogging until you have it inspected. A plumbing inspection will ensure your sewer lines are in good condition. Otherwise, they’ll have them replaced to prevent damage.

 Toilet and Heating

Have you noticed that the surroundings of the toilet always seem to have puddles of discolored water? Chances are, there’s a leak at the base caused by poor installation or floor damage.

Plumbing inspectors will also check your heating for damages warranting replacement, as these can also sustain leaks and water damage.

Water Quality

Perhaps the most important factor a licensed plumber would check is the quality and sanitation of the water flowing around the home. The water may be discolored or contaminated and will not be safe for drinking. They’ll warn you of water quality issues and will try to look for the root cause.

Frontline Inspections will give a comprehensive assessment of the overall condition of your property. Visit their website for more information.

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