The Importance of Reviewing Source Code

Code review tools enable app developers to examine the source code of their applications so that they are able to improve the quality of the software as well as improving the developer’s skills. Now more than ever, people are realizing just how important this process is to catch any issues with the code before the app reaches production level. The code review techniques are commonly used to validate the implementation and design features to allow for consistency throughout the application. This is extremely important when there is a group of developers working on creating an app, due to the fact their styles may differ and cause conflict by the time the app is launched.

The code inspection tools eliminate the need for a whole team of developers going through the code piece by peace and by using a tool you can ensure for consistency. There’s no need to have all of the developers together to find out any conflictions or other issues making it a lot faster than manually looking for issues. What could be deemed an issue for one person may be perfectly normal for another and that is how things can get missed and cause problems later down the line.

As well as dealing with issues, the code review tools are able to shorten codes to simplify them for new developers, making it easier for them to understand. There’s also a clear definition as to what code is best, so that future additions remain consistent with the rest of the coding; which is great news for teams that are unsure as to how to layout coding given a partially created code.

External code review techniques are slightly different to peer reviews due to the fact their main focus is on increasing the quality of the code. By checking the code quality, potential clashes with company guidelines, and other parts of the project can be identified. In this process the code will be checked for simplicity and readability to simplify any future maintenance needs thus avoiding downtime. Code smells, which is a term used to describe possibilities of their being issues in the code without clear cut answers gives the developers chance to find the potential issue and fix it before the app is launched.

You may ask why it’s not an option to merge code at a later date rather than using code review tools to fix issues now. This is a viable question but there are reasons as to why it’s not recommended is the fact that everyone could be affected by a merged code because it would seem as though work is done so it’s like checking off a task before it is completed to find out there are time consuming issues later down the line.

Of course if it is not the programmer using the code inspection tools then it’s extremely important that the person implementing them keeps in touch with the development team to ensure they are all on the same page. Certain things that may flag up as a vulnerability may not be, and what seems to be a confliction may be something that is necessary to work with coding added at a later date.

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