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49 people’s wire guards are not surrounded by the initiative

Jim Harbaugh and the 49 people he led will always have a story, and their professional bowls, Amad Brooks, cheap nike nfl jerseys for sale ahmad brooks, after the second quarter of today, then Nor return. According to the famous reporter Ian RapoPort, Brooks learned that his play time will be much less than expected, especially when the nickel array is guarded, nfl jerseys it will take the initiative to go down the venue, then There is no even wearing a helmet to appear on the venue, but sit still on the bench.

Aaron Lynch fills the game time left by Broo, playing outstanding him to complete 1 time, 2 times in front of the kick. When asked in Brooks, Lin Qi replied: “I don’t know what happened, but he is my good brother.” In fact, this is not 49 people to make Brooks unpleasant, wholesale jerseys free shipping there is time before the transaction Many of his rumors, but Hubble still said that Brooks’ status is still stable: “If you want to win, I really feel that we need Brooks.”

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