You have definitely heard about the “ketogenic diet,” also known as “keto” for short, by now. What you do not know is what a keto-eating plan that leads to PURE THERAPEUTIC KETONES is, or that it is more than just the new fad diet. It is because there is plenty to this type of diet than just rapid weight loss, as it also has health benefits. This includes things like bettering heart health, brain function, and reducing epileptic attacks among other things.

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To begin, “keto” is short for “ketones,” and those are organic compounds formed by your body from fat and used as fuel. To induce them in a fit lifestyle, you must restrict the carbohydrates your body is used to but instead provide it with fat as its fuel source.

When you consume the majority of your carbohydrates from protein and fat, your body uses up its accumulated glucose before transitioning to fat for energy, a process known as ketosis.


Of reality, many of us are involved in keto eating because it makes us shed pounds, which it does effectively. The advantages do not end there, as it also:

– Autophagy is induced — auto-what? Okay, so you might not know what autophagy is, so let me explain. Autophagy is the body’s form of utilizing its own cells and proteins. Autophagy literally means, “Self-eating,” which is exactly what your system does with inefficient and weakened cells when you are in ketosis. This works by removing harmful proteins and damaged cells from the body, which it then recycles the materials to create new, healthy cells. This not just keeps you younger and happier, but it may also aid in the elimination of toxic compounds linked to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

– Can help to prevent seizures — Ketosis is known to change genes associated with energy synthesis, which can help to prevent epileptic seizures in children. It does so by relaxing the nerves that trigger seizures due to overstimulation, and it can slow epilepsy progress.

– Could help with pain — chronic pain is comparable to epilepsy in that excitable nerves need to be calmed, which ketones may assist with.

– Decreases inflammation — The KETO ENERGY DRINK reduces inflammation in the body, which helps to relieve pain and other inflammation-related disorders. This is due to the fact that ketone metabolism generates less oxidative stress than glycogen metabolism. These results in fewer free radicals, which tends to minimize stress and the risk of overweight, diabetes, heart problems, cancer, and other illnesses.

– Is an eating plan that cancer despises— Most cancers thrive on refined carbs, which is one of the reasons why a high-fat, low-carb plan has recently been proposed as an anticoagulant treatment for cancer diagnosis. Furthermore, certain cancers seem unable to oxidize ketone bodies, so lowering plasma glucose levels while growing ketone bodies is a possible way to starve these cancer cells. Blood glucose and estrogen growth agents both of which serve a role in tumor metastasis are reduced when blood glucose levels are reduced. What’s the takeaway? PURE THERAPEUTIC KETONES  are cancer-fighting diets!


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