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Daik is the first round show of the lion last year, the first new show season. The lack of his offensive front line does not give Matthew Stafford to provide a strange pocket in Matthew Stafford, indirect offensive efficiency. But last week’s left-offs Braien Mihalik performance is still unpopular.

“I am not used to waiting for so long, wait for for so long, let alone I have just taken 10 killers (11 games).” Charm said, “But I have been working hard in recent weeks. Last week It’s just a little. I hope my wish can be realized soon, then one pick one. “

Raian’s career is playing 109 regular seasons, and 89 were first, he was also playing 15 playoffs, and 10 of them were first. Career has completed 522 times to this day (374 times alone); 17 turn-off, one of them attacking 79 code; 78 destroyed passes, 8 forcing the ball. He completed 89 hugs in the playoffs, 2 times of copying, 8 times destroyed.

The giant will sign the defensive back to the root-Ryan a year

US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, the giants will sign with the old defenders to defend the Logan Ryan, and the contract salary is 7.5 million US dollars.

Rewick: In addition to this time, Smith has no act

In Baltimore Crow and New England Patriot, Steve Smith and Darrelle Revis have attracted a lot of attention. In the first half of the game, Smith took advantage of the wind, but Rewick believes that in the replacement, Smith is not active.

At present, the top three of the Tiger Team has been locked, respectively, AJ-Green (AJGREEN), Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu, in addition to near Thaler – Epht (Tyler Eifert) and Run Giovani – Giovani Bernard will also be an important gathering point.

The front super bowl MVP will go to the Tiger trial

According to Wholesale nfl jerseys Media Rand Getlin, the most valuable players in the former super bowls Santonio Holmes will travel to Cincinnati Tiger on Thursday, with the peers. There are also two external handle-Greg Little and David Nelson (David Nelson). The Tiger has previously placed James Wright, Cheap nfl jerseys from china James Wright, in the injury reserve, so it is necessary to supplement the depth of the outer hand.

The result is eventually endless, according to the ESPN reporter reports on Thursday, Green’s will receive groin surgery, so unlimited absent. This is also the third player of 49 people will be missed by the long-term misconduct, and the Jason Verrett and Raheem Mostert have reimbursed due to the knee injury.

Rewick said: “He completed the time earlier in the game, but he was & lsquo; removing the game & rsquo;” Rewick’s speech may not be correct. In the game, Smith completed 3 balls under the stare of Rewick, and the 44-yard is accompanied by 1 time. In addition, Smith also manufactured a foul in Renis. The first half of the first half, Levis’s interference is divided into the crow, and finally completed the remedy. The second occasion occurs in Section III, Red Silans are fouled, which makes the patriots who have already retained the ball can only re-return the offensive opportunity to the opponent.

For the interference, Rewick also has its own point of view: “I don’t agree with the punishment, my movement is no problem. The referee bottlefire, I can’t force it, but I still stick to my point of view.” After the game, Smith praised the performance of Rewis and called the two people as “the battle between the old soldiers.” After defeating the crow, Rewick’s next opponent will be Demaryius Thomas or T.y. Hilton.

Although Greenwork is expected to return to the team after the injury, the team cannot give a certain rehabilitation time. After he was injured, Azez Al-Shaair took him with a total of 7 times, and the ball was destroyed twice.

As a superb bowl hero, Holmes has been in the end of the torrential injury, and the personality is too calm, and the appearance of the situation has caused the situation. After the end of the 2013 season, Holmes joined the Chicago bear team after the New York jet, and only the 97 yards of the 67 yards were taken in a season. 28-year-old David-Nilsen played in the jet last season, and only 8 battles were 65 yards. He publicly accused the NFL team to ignore his own, he believes that many NFLs have caused many NFLs due to excessive investment in the charity. The team mistakenly thought that his own mind is not on the court, which makes him angry. Greg-Little is playing a tiger last season, and there is only 6 battles.

Demeco Ryans said: “Everyone can see his efforts, his hug technology, playing way & mdash; & mdash; this is the line guard should be done. He made it for us. Many processes & hellip; & hellip; I am looking forward to seeing Aziz’s starting performance, he will become better and better. “

Cowboy New Show Tower – Charlen is eager to get killing

Tower – Taco Charlton is the first round of the first round of the cowboy this year, and the only one of this year’s first round is not yet killed. Brown New Xiu Mai Lees-Galret is only 3 games, but has been harvested to kill. The steel man has a new show T.J. Watt (T. J. Watt) has also harvested 4 killing.

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