The Last of Us 2: Interesting Techniques and More

‘The Last of US 2’ is an action-packed game introduced in 2020 by Naughty Dog for PlayStation 4. It is the second part of the original ‘The Last of Us’ that came out in 2013 and became the fifth-highest rated game for the year.

The game was set to be released long before but got delayed because of the pandemic, and finally got introduced in June 2020. The overall concept received high ratings from the critics and its fans. Also, it was applauded for its visuals, narrative, and especially the portrayal of the transgender character.

It’s been over a month since ‘The Last of Us 2’ released and the audience can’t get enough of its unique visuals and facts that were given by the game developers. Yes, you’ve heard it right, the developers are sharing their experiences while they were preparing for the game. For instance, the studio revealed the use of motion capture also known as mocap in one of the best fight visuals. Not only this, but other techniques that were used will be unfolded ahead.

The Last of Us 2: Interesting Techniques and More

The next segment is full of behind-the-scenes experience from the game developers and the actors. Therefore, it contains a lot of spoilers. The game is played from a third-person perspective and is about Ellie, who wants to seek revenge. Despite the controversy by the game, it became one of the most popular and best-selling games of the release month. The reason for the same is not only its plot but traditional and modern techniques used to create its visuals like mocap, which has left a massive impact on its audience.

There’s a section in the game where Dina gives birth to Jesse’s child JJ, and the two of them represent a happy family. Recently the actors tweeted that an actual infant wasn’t used while shooting this segment, but it’s the magic of motion pictures. The tweet also mentioned that Ashley Johnson, the one who reprises the role of Ellie, filmed these scenes with the help of two adult women.

For the audience to know, the game depicts the killing of dogs. Therefore, no animals were harmed, and the same mocap technique was used here as well. Additionally, the cast of the game revealed about the deleted scene while Ellie goes hunting, to make the overall look calm. The deleted scene included Joel’s murder while Ellie kills a boar.

The new game, along with it introduced many new characters, and the fans liked the idea and presentation of the project. JJ, without a doubt, is the favorite character of the fans. Not only this but despite the absence of an actual infant, the fans couldn’t identify the same, as mentioned in some of Twitter’s comments.

Naughty Dog’s game, ‘The Last of Us 2,’ is one of the most liked games and the audience is looking forward to releasing more such creativity. For all those who haven’t explored the game yet, it is exclusively available on PlayStation 4 for you to enjoy.

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