The Last of Us Part II Delayed Indefinitely Due to Ongoing Crisis

Sony has recently proclaimed about postponed of the release date of several of its upcoming movies. Now, they have come forward with another proclamation that stated about delayed the much awaited The Last of Us Part II by Naughty Dog. The game was originally scheduled to be released on May 29, 2020.

The continuation of postponed events, movies, games, and concerts is persisting due to amid pandemic. Sony, who had already delayed several of its forthcoming movies last week, has now delayed The Last of Us Part II due to amid outbreak. Alongside this, they have also delayed Iron Man VR and the subsequent proclamation they have done through the official Twitter handle of PS4.

In the tweet, they have stated that they, along with the whole world, are facing a major outbreak through which things have gone out of their control. They cannot release The Last of Us Part II as they want a surety that everyone plays the game at a similar time when things get settled. They just want to preserve the gaming experience of The Last of Us Part II as they don’t want to ruin it due to spread devastation.

Later, they again announced something through the official Twitter handle of Naughty Dog in which they added that they are hoping about eradication amidst pandemic soon. Alongside this, they will be kept on updating their fans and gamers about information related to the release of The Last of Us Part II.

However, the game has been delayed for quite a long as. First, it was planned to be released on post-October, then the date postponed to February 21, 2020. Thereafter, the delay went on to May 29, and now it has delayed further. However, the reason for delaying of the game in February and May is understandable, but the postponed of the subsequent game in October is not justified yet by Sony.

Both of the games, whether Iron Man VR or The Last of Us Part II, are not the only game that has been postponed due to globally spread outbreaks. The popular game of Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII Remake, has also stated that they are delaying the date of the game to April 10. However, it is quite clear that soon they would have to delay it further.

Sony ‘s idea behind postponed is to preserve the gaming experience as they must be afraid of the loss. However, almost everyone in the entire world is dwelling at home, so Sony could also release its game now to help the gamers to overcome their strain of quarantine as several singers and movie makers have pre-released their albums and movies to entertain their fans while they all are dwelling at their homes. But the subsequent initiative of Sony is a company which has cleared all of us that they are after their profits rather than being concerned about their fans.

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