The latest Indian tv serials everyone is talking about

Everyone, old and new fans alike, is talking about the latest Indian TV serials that just came to the forefront on Indian TV. With an abundance of such choices in India and abroad, it’s no wonder we’ve been left spellbound by these amazing Indian shows!

Let’s highlight the serials that are in the talks.

Trending Serials that everyone is talking about

Radha Krishna

It focuses on the lovely love story of Krishna and Radha. Their love story portrays a love deeper than the outer elements of life that revolve around the eternal love between the two. Sridhamas, followers of Krishna, believe that the time has come for Krishna to enter the human world. Radha also spends 100 years outside Gulok (heaven’s dam) and ends up cursing Krishna when she forgets him. It’s a mythological show definitely attracting the majority.


The story revolves around the realization that the main character, Anupama, loves and cares for her family but is despised by her family. She faces the humiliation of her husband, mother-in-law, and children because she got a college degree and disobeyed. Frustrated with her family’s behaviour, Anupama decides to live her life on her own terms. She soon finds out that her husband had an affair with Kavya. After this, the way Anupama approaches her life is very interesting and an inspiration to every woman.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai Season 2

The story revolves around Ram Kapoor, a successful businessman who would do anything for his family and believes that he has lost his only love. Priya Sood, a middle-class teacher with a strong worldview, believes that romantic love does not exist. These two people marry only with broken hearts. Would you like to find them? This series is full of unexpected twists and turns, and everyone is going crazy about the show.

Nagin 6

The Serpent Queen is back as ‘Sarvashrestha Nagin’ or ‘Six Nagins,’ the queen of all snakes. Nagin’s season 6 show revolves around the 2020 pandemic and the enemies and security of India. With some fresh twists, Naagin 6 is set to move between the realms of mystery, supernatural, thriller, and romance. If you have a spark for it, Naagin 6 will surely captivate you.


With so many new serials to watch, it can be hard to decide which serial to start with. But do not worry! This article explains the best Indian TV shows trending and why you should add them to your watch list. From friendly family dramas to bittersweet love stories, these series will keep you engrossed from start to finish. What are you looking for?

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