The Latest Romantic Flying Hearts Feature is Annoying the Instagram Users

In the latest upgrade, the social networking platform Instagram has added Romantic flying hearts animation. However, it seems that users are not so happy with it.

Facebook-owned social networking service, Instagram has recently introduced a new way to like the messages. This new update includes flying hearts animation, which is becoming quite unpopular among the people. Many of the users have expressed their disliking regarding the new fluttering animation calling it awkward. The reaction to this recently launched upgrade is quite to that Facebook got for its recently launched heart hugging emojis. Facebook launched the heart hugging emojis amid the ongoing health outbreak to show solidarity during this difficult time. Soon the emojis got much popular among the users of social media platforms. The new care emojis of Facebook touched the heart of almost every user. Moreover, its presence can be felt on nearly all social media networks.

Meanwhile, like every other popular social media platform, Instagram is also doing everything to extend its user base. The platform is taking the step to improve its user experience and roll out various new features. While looking over the past few months, the social networking service has introduced several new features such as Live Donation to raise financial help for needy people. Also, Instagram introduced labels for the identification of false information spread on its platform. Moreover, it introduced new options for the users to receive and send direct messages through any web browser. These are only a highlight of the features introduced by the platform as the list is much longer. While almost every new feature of the platform received appreciation from the users, the newly introduced update is not getting so much appreciation from the users. The users care to complain against it, saying that these are awkward and confusing.

However, it is not clear when the new flying heart animation will go live or whether the platform makes it live for all the users in every region. But, according to some reports, the social media platform is testing it’s new features for some months. Recently, some users found the new updates appeared on their mobile and other devices. However, the users were not so happy with these newly emerged features introduced by Instagram. The users found that whenever they were using the feature to like the message, several fluttering hearts appeared across the device screen. Some users on Twitter have said that too many fluttering hearts are enough to change the meaning of the message. These fluttering hearts are enough to indicate the romantic nature of the message even if you have liked it genuinely for no such reason.

The Reaction of Social Media to the New Heart of Instagram

If we look at the users’ reactions, then it seems that users of Instagram are not so happy with it. Moreover, they are looking quite confused and unhappy with these heart-fluttering animations. For instance, some of the users said that when you liked a message, then it is acceptable if a heart appeared. But, many of the users said appearing too many hearts will give the romantic meaning to the liked message. However, not everyone is unhappy with these features, and some people are valuing it.

Some users said that these features would make it easy for them to send the message without writing even a single word. Some are quite happy to see a lot of love in the form of these heart-fluttering animations. Even though not everyone is against these newly introduced features, many people still do not appreciate it. It seems they want to suggest Instagram that it should take steps to tweak this recently added animation. Some of the users seemed adamant while suggesting the platform that such features need to be rolled back.


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