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The general manager of Saint believes that it is too difficult to keep Bris.
Although the Saint-quarter Drees can choose to hit the free market, he has said that you want to continue to stay in the Saint.

“For me (criticized) can create motivation.” Trobeski said, “There will always be your ability, but this will only ignite your fighting spirit, I will do this. I will try to prove that they are wrong. My teammates are right. & Hellip; & hellip; this will drive you to go to the field, play the best performance. I am fighting high! I must achieve the goal. ”

2 months agoHaiying line Wei Wen: Want to stay in Seattle
During the two weeks of last month, Seattle Hawks refused to perform the fifth annihier of Bruce Irvin, and this line guard was reported to say that he would want to be Atlantan Falcon in 2016. Treatment.

In fact, they do not conduct a new coach David Moyes to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson-style win, even if Biliqieke retreated into the shadows, who say the Patriots will not find their new “real thing” soon?

But these may not be the most concerned about the issue of public opinion. The majority of such clubs as a media headline create unlimited broad market: Brady is not old? Patriots dynasty is not the end?

As the 2017 Lattics Show, Tusabi has always been a quarter-off of the bear in the past three years, but the performance of last year declined. His password (3138, 21), the number of passes (17, step 27), pass the ball attempt (6.1, 32) is not beautiful, the bear team record is only 8 wins 8 negative, missed the playoffs.

On Saturday, the Haiying’s first round show players changed the wind when they participated in a football training camp. “My contract has another year. I want to stay in Seattle. This team gave me a chance when other teams didn’t look at me. Many people told me that I can’t become the first round show, but Pitt ( Pete Carroll) and John Schneider chose me, so as I said, I want to stay here, but I have to have a good performance in the game, I have begun to train, I have to debut and under the game Complete the best year in our career season. ”

Emirates has been able to succeed in the season to the ground steadily, and maintain strategic thinking time ball control is key. Has a very low error rate, short pass accurate quarterback, then a run-around good at running back, and a tough defense group, which is thought to be an important foundation for the perfect implement. But the problem is that the Chiefs offensive lack of explosive power, it is difficult to promote open up the situation by the number of large size. Once the deficit is more, its strategic thinking is in danger of complete bankruptcy of last season on the road against the Broncos is an obvious wars.

In the past two years, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, Mnwiki.Org Earl Thomas, wholesale Jerseys and Ma Shawn Lynch, these players after MARSHAWNCH Schneider and his management are carefully managed in wage capabilities to deal with the next wave of free players.

Mali Horta: I’m not surprised the Eagles will vote for me
Recently Philadelphia Eagles offensive group of players frequent changes of configuration, so we believe that coach Chip – Kelly (Chip Kelly) may choose not to his former student Marcus – Mali Horta (Marcus Mariota) a.

Kelly is currently the quarterback Nick – Falls (Nick Foles), 2015 in the fourth-round pick and a second-round pick in 2016 to the transaction St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam – Bradford Germany (Sam Bradford) and a fifth-round draft pick in 2015. This transaction allows us believe that Kelly no chance to get a higher draft pick to select Mali Horta, Horta is considered as Mali will be selected in the top ten.

The former West Virginia’s star in the sea eagle has always been a stable player, but he is not the best line guard in the team. The title of the best line is a low-key leader Babbi – Bobby Wagner, the latter and the Quasle Wilson wait for a large salary.

Mali Horta said this: “Everything will have the results, I do not know what Kelly wanted to coach, he never said to me something about the draft and trading, he was just my mentor when I needed him and chat when he will he be by my side, that is. ”

Brown coach Kiqinus: Let Henster become better
Beijing February 28th this month earlier, Brown signed the decision of Kareem Hunt. However, although Hunter caused trouble, his talent is both undoubted.

Kiqinus said: “Now Carrim Hunter is a member of Brown, so we have a responsibility to help him become a better person. Players will only leave the stadium one day, as a coach, as their mentor, need Let them know what the football career is over. & Hellip; & hellip; We are to make him better people to provide him with these resources and support. ”

But the Patriots are not really rivals Emirates Emirates this season. We can look forward Jamal – Charles return to the Chiefs offensive group to bring help, but it is hard to imagine them as blowout general outbreak. Biography run equilibrium, balance, chiefs of play between defense balance, the main and reserve running back running back to the extreme.

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