The Leading Marketer of Sustainable Fabrics in India

Welspun India is one of the leading sustainable fabric suppliers. It has eventually managed to build its network in as many as 50 countries across the world. The speciality of Welspun India Limited lies in the production and supply of home textiles. Sustainable fabrics are used in the manufacture of textiles. Moreover, the company also manufactures goods like flooring solutions, line pipes, warehousing, oil & gas, infrastructure and steel, etc. Thus, the broad array of manufacturing units is home to about 26,000 employees belonging to different cultures and ethnicity. Welspun further holds global leadership for manufacturing home textiles and line pipes. With Welspun goods, you can be assured of your bed, bath, and flooring textiles crafted with one of the top-quality products and materials manufactured and supplied worldwide.

In the mission to become one of the top sustainable fabric suppliers, both in India and across the globe, Welspun has taken up quite a few challenges to beat its rival brands. Whether it is the supply of raw materials or finished goods, Welspun India thrives on sustainability to set a benchmark for eco-friendly products manufactured and supplied in the market. Moreover, the company focusses on recycling waste by manufacturing products which are sustainable so that it could be recycled and reused. Welspun manufactures organic cotton textiles to suit its valuable customers by giving them the best textiles for the home and bath. Its prime resources to manufacture organic cotton goods lies in its workforce of around 75,000 farmers ploughing over 100,000 acres of land area in the country. To supply the best cotton to support the company in manufacturing its products, the technical team undertakes the initiative to educate the farmers for practising sustainable agronomic activities and solutions. Moreover, in collaboration with MIT, Welspun, for growing speciality cotton for raw material for their textiles, has adopted the technique called ‘hydroponics’.

Some of the products woven in the sustainable organic cotton produced by Welspun India Limited, one of the world’s best sustainable fabric suppliers, includes high-quality bathroom and bedroom solutions. Its high-quality, durable, contemporarily designed bedding utilities, like pillow fillers, mattress pads, and bedsheets are some of the premium products you must look for. In bathroom textiles, Welspun offers well-knit bathrobes, rugs, bath mats, and towels. Besides these, you could also find a range of home accessories by Welspun that would cater to make your home a well-furnished and architected nesting place.

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