The Legends of Zelda: Top 8 Ways to Use the Ancient Cores in Breath of the Wild

In The Legends of Zelda, players have to monitor their stamina, health, weapon, armor level, and many more things. However, some players find it too frustrating because they constantly need to check out every niche from the section. The most complex thing in this RPG game is the food/material section, where players can make food to craft/build some items.

Among several types of materials, the “Guardian” components like “springs, screws,” and “shafts” are the rarest. However, Core is the highest rare item that needs to be used carefully. Some players are not aware of the value of Cores and how it can be useful for them, so here are some top ways to use this unique item.

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Can be used as Elixir Component

Guardian Cores are also counted as “Monster Spoil.” It can be used for crafting elixir for gaining temporary additional stamina/health, for a pure buff attack and speed boost. These elixirs are created from the combination of some particular insects and some “Monster Parts.”

Trade for Mon at the Fang and Bone

Players are allowed to use fake points to purchase a great variety of items from Kilton’s shop. Some of the items from his shop are important, some are cosmetic, and some are silly. The Ancient Cores trades for 40 Mon and the Giant Cores trades for 100 Mon.

Pawn Them Off For Quick Bucks

Players are allowed to trade it to “Beedle,” that only trades for 80 bucks. However, if any player has already upgraded “Ancient Set,” and wants some extra bucks for something else, they can sell one or two Cores. The best thing here a player can do is to hold onto it and use it on something important.

An Ancient Shield the Automatic Deflector

The Ancient Shield is one of the most luxurious snowboards for Link to buy, but using it on surf is a complete waste. This Shield is luxurious and useful at the same time, but it’s not for surfing. Ancient Shield is among the best shields in The Legends of Zelda. It is extremely great in durability and defense. The best thing about this Shield is that it can draw away the Guardian beams by simply blocking.

Make an Ancient Bladesaw for Tearing Enemies to Shreds

“Bladesaw” is the best metal weapon in The Legends of Zelda. You can use the Bladeshaw for combat. It can deal a lot of damage and tear enemies to shreds.

Buy an Ancient Bow

The Ancient Bow is a standard bow with amazing damage power and range. However, this Ancient Bow doesn’t have any additional powerful skills. If any player is wearing the complete Ancient Set, then the bow deals 80% damage, and if a player is fighting with a guardian, it will do an extra 30% damage.

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Commit To Making the Ancient Armour Set

 Ancient Armour is a unique item of The Legends of Zelda, but to get the Armour, you need to unlock the “Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.” To build every piece of Armour, it costs a total of 8 Cores. Unlike any other item, the Ancient Armour is completely worth the number of Cores. Its damage dealing ability is the greatest in the game.

Upgrade that Set For a Powerful Bonus

In order to upgrade the set, first, you need to unlock the Great Fairies. To get the buff on Ancient Armour, you need to pay plenty of coins and Guardian Resources.

Ancient Cores and Giant Cores are the most important items for trading. Players can create items and improve the existing ones. Although there are multiple types of components available, Cores are the most luxurious item.

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