The Lionesses send sports bra searches soaring

The Lionesses send sports bra searches soaring – and Chloe Kelly’s is top of the list
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After countless years of hurt, it’s finally come home. England’s Lionesses beat Germany 2-1 to become the Euro 2022 winners on Sunday, thanks to a 111th-minute goal by Chloe Kelly.

The goal – a history-making second touch between the legs of Germany’s goalkeeper Merle Frohms – was enough to make the side the first England women’s team to win at a major tournament. And Kelly’s ecstatic celebration was just as fitting.

Kelly tearing off her number 18 shirt to reveal her Nike sports bra underneath as she spun her England shirt overhead is understood to be a nod to USA played Brandi Chastain who whipped off her shirt after scoring the winning penalty in the 1999 Women’s World Cup final against China.

hloe Kelly’s celebration earned her a Yellow Card for tearing her top off, but she didn’t let it dampen her spirits. (Getty Images)
Much like Chastain’s celebration, images of an ecstatic Kelly plastered newspapers across the country on Monday morning. Both have become defining images of their respective tour

naments, the two women celebrating in front of a record crowd for a global women’s sporting event.

The 1999 decider has been hailed as the catalyst that made football a viable career for women in the states, and there’s further hope that Kelly’s goal and the team’s win will inspire the same momentum in England.

As author Lucy Ward put it on social media, the empowering image of a woman in a sports bra is “hugely significant” even beyond the game.

“This is a woman’s body – not for sex or show – just for the sheer joy of what she can do and the power and skill she has,” she said.

Since the final whistle, searches for ‘football sports bra’ have skyrocketed to over 1,590%.

Whether inspired by Kelly, in support of the beautiful game, or in preparation for taking up sport, (or maybe all three) we’re not sure, but one thing is for certain, fans loved her Nike Dri-fit Swoosh Sports Bra.
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