The London Escort That Is an Advisor to the Stars.

The world of show business is mainly one of glamour, wealth and luxury with the top stars making more money than some small countries do. Supercars, luxury mansions and nights out at the costliest venues portray an image of supreme luxury and, for the most part, that image is not inaccurate. It is no wonder that so many people are very envious of such a lavish lifestyle, although what we see doesn’t always tell the full story.

In addition to wealth and luxury, there is also a world of great pressure and, of course, relationship issues. What’s more, is that the stars personal lives tend to be very much in the public glare and it can be quite unpleasant knowing that everybody is aware of your latest relationship crisis. Beneath the smiles, jewelry and designer clothing, the stars are often really leading a life of anguish that they are having to keep secret.


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A Shoulder to Cry On.
As with everybody else, celebrities need to have somebody that they can confide in and they can usually do so with close friends and family. Some celebrities though are turning to a London Escort when they need a shoulder to cry on. 35-year-old London escort Janet began to get involved in the celebrity scene by chance when she was introduced to a famous London performer one night. That began a relationship and now Janet is a well-known face among the celebrities and is somebody that many turns to when they need some advice.
“I’m used to dealing with relationship issues as many of my elite London escorts friends often have problems in their love lives”, Janet told us. “The experience has helped me to give useful advice that helps people to feel better, and to overcome their problems”. “I helped out one of my celebrity friends with a problem once and as a result, I began to develop a reputation as somebody that knows how to deal with certain things”, she continued.
A Valuable Friend.
A BAFTA-winning London based celebrity claims that Janet is highly thought of among celebrity society and has a reputation of being somebody that can be counted on when needed. “She’s just great”, said the celebrity who wished to remain anonymous. “She really knows what she is talking about and is a great listener”. “She is also a great company when I am not looking for advice and she has a great sense of humor, she makes me laugh so much”, she added. “I am so grateful for her friendship and I hope to be there for her whenever she is in need of help”, she concluded.
As for Janet, she takes a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that she has been able to help somebody overcome a personal problem. Then, of course, there’s the added bonus of being among the stars in the first place. “I feel quite privileged to have so many famous people as my friends”, she said. “I actually get spoilt quite a bit and get taken on nights out that I would not otherwise be able to afford”, she finished.

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