The magic of titanium

The magic of titanium is mainly reflected in the ultra-low temperature world. Titanium will become harder and have the properties of superconductor, and steel will become weak and incompetent. Its specific gravity is only 1/2 of that of iron, but it can withstand hammering and drawing like copper.

Titanium has a strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion. It will not corrode after being immersed in the sea for 5 years, and steel will corrode and deteriorate in seawater. Titanium is used to make shells for ships, and seawater cannot corrode it. A “titanium submarine” made of titanium alloy can dive to a depth of 4,500 meters. Generally, steel submarines are easily crushed by water pressure when it exceeds 300 meters.

“Titanium aircraft” is solid and light. A large titanium passenger aircraft can carry more than 100 people more than an ordinary aircraft of the same weight. The aircraft speed can exceed 3,000 kilometers per hour, and the aluminum alloy aircraft is 2,400 kilometers.

Using the strong absorption of air by titanium and zirconium, it can remove air and create a vacuum. A vacuum pump made of titanium zirconium alloy can pump air to only one billionth.

In the aerospace industry, the “coat” of the titanium machining spacecraft can prevent high temperature attack.

An alloy of titanium and nickel is called a “memory alloy.” This alloy is made into a predetermined shape, and after being shaped, if it is deformed by external force, it can be restored to its original appearance by a little heating. This alloy has been used in many fields.钛 Titanium carbide (TiC) is quite similar to iron carbide with a metallic luster. But it has a higher melting point and higher hardness than iron carbide. Therefore, it has practical application value.

The food preserved in titanium utensils has a long-lasting color, aroma and taste; titanium cooking utensils are lightweight and will not rust, which is scientific and hygienic.

High pressure vessel made of titanium alloy can withstand high pressure of 2500 atmospheres.

The application of hafnium titanium in surgical operations is also very fascinating. At present, stainless steel is used for surgical bone grafting. One disadvantage of using stainless steel is that it is very painful to remove the stainless steel sheet after the bone is healed. Otherwise, stainless steel will be harmful to the human body due to rust. Switching to “artificial bones” made of titanium will revolutionize orthopedics. Where the head is damaged, use titanium plate and titanium screws. After a few months, the bone will re-grow in the holes and screws of the titanium plate, and the new muscle fibers will be wrapped in the titanium sheet. The titanium skeleton is like a real one. Its bones are connected with flesh and blood, supporting and strengthening. Therefore, titanium has been praised as a “biological metal”. Now it has begun to be applied to knee joints, shoulder joints, costal joints, craniums, active heart valves, bone clips and so on.

In the steelmaking industry, a small amount of custom titanium parts is a good deoxidizing, nitrogen and sulfur removing agent.

Barium titanate crystals are widely used in ultrasonic instruments and underwater detectors. This is because when the shape is changed by pressure, a current is generated; once the power is applied, the shape is changed. When barium titanate is placed in an ultrasonic wave, it will generate a current under pressure, and the strength of the ultrasonic wave can be used to determine the strength of the ultrasonic wave. On the contrary, ultrasonic waves can be generated by passing high-frequency current through it.

In crafts and daily necessities decorated with gold, they are not durable due to their low hardness, easy puncture and wear. When a titanium nitride is plated on the surface of these materials, the appearance is almost the same as that of gold, and it is more wear-resistant than gold and cemented carbide. This coating is known as “never wear”.

Organic titanium polymer, can be used as a surfactant, dispersant, water resistance agent or rust inhibitor.

Among the four series of hydrogen storage metals currently used by humans,titanium machine shop is one of them, and it is also a relatively cheap one. At present, humans have not found a more ideal “hydrogen storage metal”. Once this problem is solved, people You can use hydrogen as fuel.

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