The Major Applications Of Copper Rod

Copper Rods wholesale is rods that are industrial from high tensile-low carbon steel. All the rods have high conductivity copper bonding, are molecularly bonds by 99.99% pure. Every rod is treated with Benzol-triazole byproducts. The roll threading procedure is helpful to form the threads on the rods. It gives the threads extra strength, which is required to remove the risk of chipping the threads while placing the rods in the ground.

These rods are expressed in two diverse manners- Externally threaded and within threaded. Solid Copper earth rods are usually beneficial in applications, where a very high erosion factor and a remarkably long life is required. Therefore, these rods are manufactured explicitly from pure and high conductivity hard-drawn copper.

Major Usage

Copper rod is beneficial as raw substantial for the industrial of electric cable and wires. It is formed by either our unceasing casting or our oxygen-free nonstop up-casting mills.

Key Benefits

Copper rods are widely beneficial in several electric and engineering applications. These rods are famous for functioning with the utmost exactness. A few of the inherent makings that they possess are:

  • It improves Reliability
  • It helps to provide a lower impedance
  • It has a long-lasting life span and is maintenance-free
  • It has corrosion resistance
  • It advances thermal characteristics
  • It is easy to join and install
  • It helps to increase the capacitance of the product
  • They are available in a wide range of sizes

Variety Of Application

The copper rods are present in all the standard shapes and sizes. Though it is also available for customized rendering to the conditions provided by the customer. These rods have found numerous applications in the powered and engineering domain. A few of the industries are:

  • Engineering Industries
  • Electrical Industries
  • Motors
  • Household Electrical Appliances


  • It is helpful for Water Heater
  • It is beneficial for Water Tube.
  • It is appropriate for Oil Cooler Pipe
  • This copper rod tube is very suitable for sea fishing, and the thin line has virtuous corrosion resistance.
  • Use for welding between copper and aluminum, better excellence than the ordinary welding rod.
  • Use for Electrical and Conductive Copper Bar, brass rod copper bar.

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