The Mandalorian Manages to Bag 15 Emmy Nominations

The Mandalorian is the first Star Wars TV series, but the audience and critics did not pour any less love and appreciation than they would have if it were a movie. The show has managed to win itself 15 Emmy Award nominations. One of those is for Best Drama, which is a big deal. These nominations are for the seventy-second Primetime Emmy Awards, and the list was made public on July 28, 2020. Despite Netflix overshadowing all other platforms with the most nominations to brag about, Disney+ managed to make its mark with The Mandalorian.

The show is set nearly two and a half decades before the events of The Force Awakens. In the plot of the show, we see Din Djarin, a shooter and fighter who is responsible for protecting The Child, who is part of the same clan as that of Jedi Master Yoda.  The show then takes us through all the experiences and threats that the two face while the Mandalorian does his best to reunite his little friend to his clan. Djarin also faces several other bounty chasers who try to snatch away The Child from him. The show gained immediate popularity after its release on the 12th of November 2019, but what came as a pleasant surprise to the production team and Disney Media was that The Child became more popular than the series itself. People lovingly named him ‘Baby Yoda.’

The show’s predominant shooting is in locations of Los Angeles and California within a budget of 100 million US dollars. The show has eight episodes, and people believe that the primary reason for the show’s success (apart from its plot and direction) is the collaboration of Star Wars and Disney. The two names have cultivated their respective mass following, but the combination led to a greater reach. The show was still dealing with the immense love when they received this honor by the Television Academy as well. Apart from Best Drama, few other categories where The Mandalorian stands to win an Emmy are prosthetic make-up, stunt coordination, character voice-over, fantasy/sci-fi costumes, and special VFX. Disney+ has a total of 19 nominations, and only four are for shows/movies other than The Mandalorian.

In the history of Emmy Awards, there have been multiple nods to Star Wars. Both Star Wars Resistance and Star Wars Rebels have bagged nominations for Creative Arts Emmy Award and Star Wars: Clone Wars even went ahead to win Emmy for animation programming in 2004 and 2005 consecutively. It is the perfect year for Star Wars to win a nomination because The Game of Thrones did not get a nomination, and hence The Mandalorian stands a chance to win this one. The Mandalorian’s pop culture success is expected to multiply with a season two to release in October 2020.


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