The manufacturing of special chemical products

The manufacturing of special chemical products is a unique niche market in the chemical industry, with entrepreneurship, innovation and customer driven. Special chemicals are produced and sold according to their performance or function. Unlike ordinary chemicals, they are produced and sold in strict accordance with their chemical composition. They can be a single chemical organization or formula whose composition affects the performance and processing of the final product.

1. Production process

Special chemicals manufacturers produce fewer chemicals than general chemicals manufacturers with specific performance applications. Special chemicals are produced by batch process, which can produce a limited number of chemicals in a short time.

Different from ordinary chemicals, the manufacturing of special chemicals often needs to change the raw materials, operating conditions, processes and equipment to meet the needs of customers. Special chemical manufacturing is also called fine chemical or customized chemical manufacturing.

2. Challenges

Due to the fierce competition in the specialty chemicals industry, manufacturers must always keep a leading position and keep profits. Some of the major challenges faced by the specialty chemical products industry are as follows:

Regulatory changes and continuous adjustments to meet the requirements of OSHA, FDA, HCS, DHS, cfats and reach are one of the major challenges faced by specialty chemicals manufacturers every day.

With the rising cost of raw materials and products, great changes have taken place in the market of special chemicals.

Specialized chemical manufacturers compete globally for higher quality products at lower cost and profit margins.

Adapt to the challenges of new mergers or acquisitions based on existing business systems.

According to the relevant cost and time requirements of special chemical products industry, produce the right products.

3. The present scene

At present, chemical enterprises pay more and more attention to sustainable development, innovation and competitiveness. Leading specialty chemicals manufacturers adhere to green chemistry and sustainable development, such as reducing carbon footprint and improving raw material supply. These chemical companies are competing to differentiate themselves in the chemical industry by making sustainability part of their USP.

4. Market trend

In the past, special chemicals were mainly concentrated in North America and Western Europe. This trend has changed in the past 20 years. The traditional specialty chemical industry is under the pressure of the rise of China’s economic power and the expansion of the Middle East value chain. With the support of the government, these coming regions are decisively expanding to the value-added professional field.

Trade liberalization, accessibility, processing technology and the growth of emerging industrialized economies, and the shift of global chemical industry from central gravity point to the Middle East are due to the availability of low-cost petrochemical raw materials in Asia, as well as its cheap labor force and rapid economic growth.

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