The Material Handling Tools You Need to Help Your Grocery Store

6Running a grocery store requires efficiency in restocking items. It also means rearranging stock, changing end caps, and now even delivering to customers’ vehicles and homes. For each situation, there are material handling tools that will help your employees stay safe and increase efficiency, a great boon for your grocery store.

Stocking the Store

Stocking the store requires moving different kinds of boxes and flats of drinks. When stocking overnight, a u boat cart is perfect for moving a large number of boxes at once. However, if an employee is simply restocking and only needs to move a few boxes of product at a time, a collapsible hand truck is perfect. In an upright position, it acts as a standard hand cart or dolly, letting your employee move quickly with a few boxes and offering maximum mobility. The hand cart can also transform into a horizontal position, with a longer, flatter surface perfect for oddly shaped or large boxes.

Rearranging End Caps

When it’s time to rearrange end caps to draw customer attention, use a platform truck. It offers more space than a collapsible hand truck when you know there are more products that will need to be displayed on the end cap. It will make taking just what is needed for the end cap easy, so products will not get lost in the shuffle.

Pickup and Delivery

Store pickup and home delivery are increasingly being offered by grocery stores. To save time when delivering, instead of bringing bags individually from the delivery truck, put the bags in boxes and stack the boxes onto a 2 wheel dolly or collapsible hand truck. This enables your delivery truck driver to make a delivery faster, saving time from having to go back and forth from the delivery van. Using a hand truck also reduces the chances of tripping or dropping items, accidentally breaking eggs or glass bottles on the way to the front door. Similarly, collapsible hand trucks and platform trucks are very useful for moving pickup items from the store out to a customer’s vehicle during pickup services.

Stocking the Warehouse

Does your grocery store have a warehouse that is too cramped for a traditional forklift? Try a lift hand truck, instead. While it has powered lifting, it does not have powered locomotion. This means it does not require a license to operate. A lift hand truck also has a much smaller footprint than a forklift cart, without sacrificing the ability to help employees move heavy objects onto racks.

About Magline

Magliner hand trucks have been lynchpin tools of material handling operations for over 70 years. They are such a staple in the material handling space that the word “Magliner” is now regularly used in reference to any hand cart, regardless of the brand. There is, however, no substitute for a real Magliner. The Magline standard of dependability, ease of use, reliability, and quality is simply unmatched. Along with their traditional hand truck, Magliner equipment includes a variety of more specialized material handling solutions. Those include their stair climbing cart line, appliance hand truck collection, electric hard cart line, keg handling line, and a whole lot more. For delivery drivers, warehouse pickers, trucking and logistics professionals, and every other occupation or undertaking that requires moving stock, there’s a perfect Magliner for the job.

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