The Material Handling Tools You’ll Want for Running a Commercial Nursery

A lot goes into running a commercial nursery. Just a few daily tasks include stocking, watering, fertilizing, temperature control, and other upkeep necessities. In addition are all the business management tasks such as advertising and marketing, bookkeeping, payroll, and everything else that accompanies keeping the nursery running.

6With a class of business that complex to run, one of the practical features of day-to-day operations that can be overlooked is material handling equipment. Material handling equipment refers to the devices that assist employees moving stock, tools, and materials, as well as taking products out to a customer’s vehicle. Having insufficient, inefficient, or unsuitable equipment can make business operation less productive for those running it and turn off customers.

Equipment for Moving Propagation Infrastructure

When the heart of a business relies on growing plants, being able to effectively transport and set up the equipment necessary to keep the flora healthy is a top priority. A terrific solution for moving grow lights, irrigation equipment, bags of fertilizer, soil, and other growing mediums is a convertible hand truck. Convertible hand trucks are like traditional hand trucks, but can be operated both vertically and in a horizontal position, making them extremely versatile for awkward objects such as heavy bags.

Equipment for Moving Lighter Plants and Tools

Traditional hand trucks and convertible hand trucks are not recommended to move smaller plants, as they are at risk of falling through the frame of these tools, unless they’re being moved in bulk on trays. The best option for moving small- to medium-sized plants is a smooth deck platform truck.

Equipment for Moving Heavier Plants and Tools

For moving single large plants, like small trees, a traditional hand truck can be the perfect solution. Depending on the size of the plant, tree, or piece of equipment, however, something a bit more substantial might be necessary. Particularly if your nursery is a distributor or otherwise moves a considerable quantity of trees, consider a powered hand truck for moving and loading heavier trees (into trucks, for instance). Powered hand trucks employ motorized variable-speed transaxles and physical design mechanics to handle stock and equipment too heavy to be lifted without powered assistance. They can also prove a great boon when moving heavier equipment for heating, cooling, fertilizer injection, or CO2 and other gas exchange.

Equipment for Customers to Move Purchases

For the most part, the equipment that employees use to move lighter plants should be sufficient for customers. If a powered hand truck is necessary, for moving a tree into a customer’s vehicle for instance, an employee should be in charge of its operation. The use of a convertible hand truck by customers should likewise be avoided as the ability to switch between positions means more potential pinch points.

The best, safest material handling equipment for customers is a classic hand cart/platform truck for smaller plants, bags of media like soil, fertilizer, and compost, and comparably sized/weighted stock. For bigger items, like small/young trees that don’t require a powered hand truck, a traditional hand truck is perfectly fine.

About Magline

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