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Manzell new trick: Twitter announcement mobile phone number
On Friday night, Cleveland Brown’s rookie four-point guards, Johnny Manziel, seems to have made a mistake on the largest social network in the United States. Of course, I don’t want to do this, no one knows.

The bear coach still did not designate the first four-point guardian Trushesky’s most hopeless
On the occasion of a major partition civil war, four points of Nick Foles did not participate in Wednesday, and the four-point hi Mi Trui, who was injured before the shoulder. Mitchell Trubisky participated in the training. However, the Chicago Bear is Matt Nagy, cheap jerseys still not announced, who will start in the next game against the Green Bay packaging.

Srestee told reporters: “I don’t think there is any change in the goal. The standard has not changed, and our pillar has not changed. If the new season is welcoming the new season with the loser’s mind, we still have the opportunity, but also There are many excellent players, and the coach is still excellent & hellip; & hellip; we are looking forward to anyone else than the club. We need to continue to maintain power, focus together, a common determination. ”

Ryan is the fastest quarter-off of Taylor’s speed. In all the actual four-point guard, the only 40-yard results in the body test camp were more than 4 seconds 51 fast quarter-free quadruptions in Robert Griffin III, and in the final stage of the rookie season After injury, Griffin looks so fast before him. At the time of Joe FLACCO, Taylor made a stunning performance while Taylor’s play ran ran, which made the crow let Taylor will win the center in the wild cat formation, which makes Fla The department is annoyed.

Agolo completed 8 batches in a game, advanced 88 yards, got a reached, Aiken completed 5 batches, and advanced 39 yards. Falls rely more on the close-up and running guards, Zach Ertz completed 11 times, the whole team, and advanced 94 yards. Replacement Near Terrier Josh Perkins completed 4 batches and promoted 57 yards. Runwei Clement Corey Clement also completed 5 batches and promoted 55 yards.

But Taylor has never proven that he is a NFL level. In the limited time for Fraco substitute, his pass success rate is 54.3%, and he did not get a pass to reach, there were 2 passes Copy. Cassell and another Bill quadruple EJ-Mantund is better than Taylor. Bill’s first week, it will take a lot of risks that have not proved their own quadrant.

At present, Katnik has bid farewell to the 2015 season due to the receiving shoulder surgery. Garbert has won the trust of teammates in the recent performance. Next season, who will become a four-dimensional guardian of 49 people, and is still an unknown.

In Sunday lost to the pirate, Walis injured in the first quarter and was played by the medical car. In addition, Alshon Jeffery is still recovering shoulder injury, Mack Hollins has entered the injury reserves due to groadrow injuries.

Srest said: “I think he has a good quality. His attitude, aggressive, do every day & hellip; & hellip; I think these are important, I will also encourage him to do itself & hellip; & hellip; we will Progress every day. ”

Matthew Srt: Patriot will not change the standard due to Brradi
Matthew Slater is a old will be a majority of the patriotic effectiveness, although this year’s race season is not small & mdash; & mdash; especially meritorious four points 卫 Tom Braddy (Tom Brady) But he does not think that the team goals will change.

Matthew said: “I don’t want to deny Capek, but Gabert is more suitable for this team. He is in the field, knows how to assign the ball, is a very good quadruple. I think people discuss When his pass, he always gave him a low evaluation. Garbit and Capenk were different. He is better for defense, he has the ability to read defense before kicking, then choosing different offensive methods. He did a lot of things that Capeni could not do. ”

Red Rich Cangwei: Garbit is more suitable for 49 people
Arizona Raffle Wei Tailang – Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu) Very agreed with 49 people in San Francisco to put four-dimensional Kaepernick’s decision on the tension. Matthew said in an interview that he believes that Blaine Gabbert is the most suitable of 49 people at this stage.

Although Fall is excellent, his performance is so badly as Tusbiski. During the 10th week, 13-19, in the game of Minnesota, the offensive group did not get up to the Falls, and he was injured in advance at the end of the game. Turbuski could not appear in the shoulder injury.

But perhaps Lian is willing to take such a risk, in theory, Bill needs to rely on their defensive group and the squid attack, Taylor is the best helping to help this. If Taylor becomes a starter at the beginning, Kasale is not surprised.

Exposure Bill 4-point Wei Taylor is more favored by the coach
Buffalo has introduced two new quarters in this year, and they traded Matt Cassel and signed Tyrod Taylor. Most people think that Kastel iron is starting, Taylor came to the team, was served. But reality may not be the case.

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