The Medieval Age in RuneScape

This is 556,385 skillcapes earned without runescape 3 gold excluding questcapes. Are there any things you like? I would have thought firemaking would be higher than cooking and fletching.

New Skills My Conspiracy. Introduction. Since the beginning of Sailing I’ve been studying the Medieval period during the time that RuneScape was first created. This thread will share my knowledge and how it is implemented in RuneScape. All of the information here is my personal thoughts, so please do not spam this thread if you have nothing interesting to say. Thank for your cooperation. Please note: The Middle Age and Medieval Era is a single time period.

So, how do RuneScape clash with the Medieval Age? Well, firstly they were extremely religious in the past like the majority of RuneScapers. They were a variety of religions, including Christianity, Protestant, and others. This is similar in many ways to the different Gods of RuneScape such as Zamorak Saradomin or Guthix.
Another thing I noticed was the Medieval Age’s landscape. Similar to RuneScape’s landscape, most towns and cities had a Church. Also, many Castles, Palaces, and many Huts and Stone Buildings were present. Many of these are featured in the game.

The game and time may be contradictory in a few ways. You have the Dragons and Demons idea, which is actually included in the game. It is also possible to see species such as Fairies or Gnomes within the game.

Skills, Quests and more. A lot of RuneScape is associated with the Middle Age. All of the items listed below can be found in both the Medieval Age (and RuneScape), including quests such as Mountain Daughter and skills such as fishing and buy fire cape osrs cooking.

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