The Millionaire Detective: The Mystery of Daisuke’s Family

After spending a day with limited cash flow, Daisuke is back to his old ways. But things are about to get tough for him as he finds himself stuck in a room with a bomb and no way to get out. The latest episode not only raises questions about his family, but it also puts him in situations where he finds himself pushed to his limits. He also realizes that with all the influence that his money can afford him there are still things that are beyond his control, which even his unlimited wealth can’t buy.

The modern crimes department is tasked to protect President Alvarez of the fictional country of Poliander. Daisuke goes to the embassy as a guest of Alvarez. Alvarez seeks the support of Daisuke’s family to help develop Poliander, but the indigenous protestors stand in his way since they oppose his plans. He tells Daisuke that he is thankful for the Kanbe family for funding his ambitions dam construction project although it has raised concerns of uprooting indigenous families from the ancestral land of the indigenous people. He looks down upon the people who oppose the project as he believes them to be old fashioned and shows no concern for their needs.

As Alvarez and Daisuke have their conversation, a security guard escorts them to the panic room from the main room. When Haru sees Ricardo fleeing he chases him and corners him on the terrace. Ricardo seems uncaring as he tells Haru that people responsible for the dam project and for burying his homeland are trapped in the panic room. He then commits suicide before Haru can do anything.

In the panic room, everyone realizes that they have been completely cut off from the outside world as something has jammed the system. They then get to know that the person responsible for the murder of the chef is the same person who brought them to the panic room. HEUSC then informs them that Ricardo was in the room before they came and has planted a tear gas canister that was designed by the Kanbe company.

They find a letter in which Ricardo has explained that he is doing everything because of the dam project and he has planted a bomb as well. If they try to stop it by force VX gas will be released, which can potentially kill thousands of people. Since they are completely cut off from the outer world, Daisuke asks HEUSC to search for the blueprint of the device. But he is disappointed to find out that HEUSC refuses to do so as he tells him that he is not authorized to have that information. In desperation, Daisuke immerses his jacket in water so that he can prevent the spreading of the gas. But luckily for them, Haru finally manages to reach there in time and he opens the door for everyone to leave. They close the door immediately ensuring the gas does not come out.

Haru had managed to get his hands on the keys to open the door from the old janitor who had duplicated it. When his co-workers wonder why Ricardo didn’t use the gas in a much larger room to create maximum impact, Haru explains that it was never his intention in the first place, all he wanted to do was protect his homeland and teach the people involved in the dam construction project a lesson.

When the task of providing security to the President first came to the Modern Crimes department, Chosuke had volunteered for the assignment but he was not given the responsibility. But he is seen on the crime scene examining the bomb along with another investigator as Daisuke observes him on his enormous surveillance screen. It is still not known whether he is working along with Daisuke or independently. The mystery of the origin of the bomb is still being investigated. With Chosuke probably investigating Daisuke’s family it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds from here.

Daisuke’s reasons for becoming a detective are still a secret. With all the mysteries surrounding Daisuke and his family, the show is finally getting in the groove. It seems things will become more interesting with each episode as we might finally get to know all the secrets of Daisuke and his family or even see what the motives of Chosuke who is probably investigating him secretly are.

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