The Mobile Pixels TRIO Will Make You Forget All About Your Dual Display Monitor

No matter how easily you can switch between applications on your laptop, there is almost always some drawback. Especially for the people whose job requires them to spend long hours working in front of a screen, you’d know that nothing boosts your productivity quite like a dual-screen display. Research has shown that a dual-screen display is capable of increasing your efficiency by nearly 30 percent. But what if you can get three screens instead of two? The Mobile Pixels Trio can transform your single-screen experience into that of a triple display!

How Can You Attach Your Laptop to the TRIO?

The Pixels Trio can be attached to 13-14 inch laptops, but if you have a larger laptop, the Trio Max should do it for you. The Max can be attached to larger displays such as 15-inch models. To attach your laptop to the Trio, all you need is a simple USB cable. The Trio is a newer version of Mobile Pixel’s Deux. Along with providing a triple screen experience, the Trio is also significantly lighter than the Deux. With this simple set up, multitasking is easier than ever. You can even rotate your TRIO screen by 180 degrees, adjust each screen’s brightness separately, fold up the displays to form a triangle, and much more! The Mobile Pixels TRIO is compatible with most devices. You can connect it via USB connection to Linux, Mac, Chrome, and other Android systems.

With everyone working from home, it is easy to miss the little perks that your workspace brought you. Be it the coffee machine that was perpetually at your disposal, the chatty co-worker, or your dual display monitor. However, the problem with the dual-display monitors is the sheer amount of space that the system takes up. You can make your coffee and call your chatty friend up, but you can forget about working anywhere but your office desk with a bulky dual monitor. So how can you get the same level of productivity from your work from home? This is where the Pixels Trio comes out as a winner, it makes your triple screen experience practical and portable no matter where you decide to work from. If you want to buy the Mobile Pixels Trio, now would be a good time considering that the models are currently available at a discount of 16 percent. Just like Andy Warhol said, “’s a company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party.”

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