The Most Popular Mobile App Categories During the Pandemic

The pandemic has made people all over the world remain indoors. This has made a huge impact on the mobile app development industry. Mobile apps have made life easier and better during lockdowns and isolation. Mobile apps that were considered a few years back have become essential these days. Mobile app development is in high demand as the need for mobile apps is increasing. The trends show that life without mobile apps will be unimaginable –even in the post-pandemic era.

What are the top mobile app categories that are in demand during the pandemic and how they helped people in the Covid era? Let’s find out.  

Communication apps 

Isolation during the pandemic has increased the use of online communication tools. The virus has changed the way people communicate personally and at work. It has pushed the whole world into an online existence. Digital communication is everything. Surveys show that the use of Whatsapp has increased by 40% and Zoom is the 4th highest downloaded app. Communication apps were widely used by people to keep in touch with their near and dear. The coronavirus has changed the work culture significantly. Remote working has increased the need for communication apps. Video conferencing apps have seen a record download as employers and employees hold meetings and stay updated with the work progress through video conferences. The usage of communication apps will not go down even after the relaxation of restrictions. 


Grocery apps

There is a sharp increase in the demand for grocery apps. Grocery apps are of big help during the lockdown period to get all groceries at their doorstep without leaving their homes. It helps in maintaining social distancing that is the need of the hour. With the increase in popularity and usage, mobile app development companies are developing user-friendly and interactive mobile apps to make life easier for consumers. 

Benefits for users – Grocery apps are not only convenient and time-saving but also money-saving as the sellers offer discounts and other sales promotional offers like rewards and coupons. Moreover, buying unnecessary things is avoided which also helps in cutting off expenditure. 

Benefits for shop owners – It helps in boosting their sales and in building loyalty with the customers. It provides a good opportunity to understand the behavior and preferences of the customer. 

It is predicted that online grocery buying will grow by 8 times in 5 years. 


Education apps

The education field has changed dramatically during Covid. All educational institutions are shut globally. The lockdown has caused lots of barriers in the learning process. Billions of students have been shifted from schools and colleges and are learning from home. E-learning is the mode of education followed everywhere. Hence, learning apps are acting as the best solution to this problem. The education system has gone digital and its learning apps play a crucial role. What are the benefits of mobile apps in the education sector? 

  • It improves the communication between teachers and parents. 
  • Students get access to online libraries and other resources. 
  • It provides personalized teaching to suit the requirements of students. 
  • Students who are shy in classrooms shed off their shyness and become more interactive in online classrooms. 
  • It has made schooling portable and comfortable. Children can get quality education at the ease of their homes. 


Entertainment apps

The movie screens have gone dark for months together. India is one of the major movie producers in the world. More than 2000 movies are released in 20 languages every year in India. The theaters attract massive audiences every weekend and at festivals like Diwali. Without the theaters, the entertainment industry has undergone a digital transformation during Covid. The OTT platform has seen an unimaginable boom. Anyone with a smart mobile phone and an internet connection can subscribe and watch movies and web series in the comfort of their home. With more people watching films and TV shows on their phones, entertainment apps have become very. Most people have invested in large-screen TVs to watch movies and sports with their families. Hence, the demand for entertainment apps is surging and will be on an increase in the future too. As a habit formation, home digital media is here to stay. 


Social media apps 

During the pandemic, social media usage has changed dramatically. Gone are the days when social media was used just to post photographs and exchange greetings. Since the pandemic, more people are logging in globally to get stay up-to-date with current news about the pandemic and other current news going around in the world. Generation Z that was using social media to idle away the spare time and to finds some funny and entertaining content is using social media to stay in touch with friends and stay updated. Social media is playing a key role to combat the feeling of loneliness during lockdowns and keeping people mentally healthy. It has become one of the important ways to be with family and friends. It is predicted that social media platforms will continue to grow and so the demand for building social media apps will be on the rise in the upcoming days even after the pandemic. 


Food delivery apps 

The business, the need, and the popularity of food delivery apps have more than doubled during the pandemic. Even the restaurants that avoided food delivery apps before the pandemic have joined hands with food delivery apps because they had no other option. They had just two options, one was to keep their business shut and the other was to take orders and deliver food through apps. There can be no doubt that most of the restaurants went for the second option. The traditional sit-down restaurants have started to close down their restaurants and are running their kitchens only. Food delivery through apps means a need for lesser space. Restaurant owners can save on their rent. So it is beneficial for food manufacturers. There has been a sharp increase in the occasions in which a person may order food online. This is not going to change in the recent future. Food delivery apps are in high demand and will be in high demand. 


Healthcare apps 

The world has relied heavily on technology in the battle against the coronavirus. The government and health organizations are using technology in one way or another to beat the virus. Governments across the world have built several mobile apps to help the public. A survey says that there was an increase of 37% in the usage of health apps during the pandemic.  

Healthcare apps not only include the apps related to corona updates and corona treatment but also mental and physical fitness apps. As gyms shut down, fitness apps have gained a lot of popularity. Moreover, wellness apps like meditation and mindfulness apps are being used to manage mental stress and anxiety caused by the health crisis. 

Moreover, lockdowns left the health condition of many patients unaddressed. Health apps have helped many people suffering from chronic illnesses and seasonal illnesses like flu to consult with doctors. 

The pandemic has made people more health-conscious. Most people are concerned about their health and fitness. So there is a surging demand for health care apps. 


Mobile shopping apps  

They have facilitated shopping during the pandemic while keeping up with government regulations and social distancing. As mobile shopping apps provide a seamless shopping experience to consumers, their usage has increased remarkably. Manufacturers and retailers are including a lot of features in the apps to make the shopping experience memorable for the users and make sure they retain their customers. In the future, mobile shopping apps will continue to evolve and are sure to become an integral part of the retail business. 


Mobile usage skyrocketed during the pandemic and so did the usage of mobile apps. Mobile apps are extremely flexible and can be changed to suit the changing economy and consumer behavior. The global business is ready to start a digital journey and there seem to be no symptoms of returning. Mobile apps are going to be game-changers in the future. 

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