The Must-Do Place In Lexington, South Carolina

Lexington takes advantage of unique and amazing photos lexington ky attractions that are fun for the family. Additionally, Lexington is only minutes from Columbia, the capital of South Carolina. Lexington and Greater Columbia are home to many of South Carolina’s most popular tourist destinations. With its smooth city center location, Lexington is the land of dreams to make sure you are in the middle of the fun. Here are some destinations not to be missed while you are in Greater Colombia.


Riverbanks Zoo & Garden – This amazing zoo is where visitors see thousands of animals from around the world. From small birds to large elephants to amazing creatures and lions, visitors are often amazed by the variety of animals that call the Riverbucks area their home. Some of the lucky visitors even got the chance to feed the giraffes! After exploring the zoo and meeting all the animals, guests can stop by the beautiful botanical garden to enjoy the spectacular lawn umbrellas at Riverbanks Zoo & Yard. Visitors with children are sure to enjoy a pleasant trip as well as a variety of other outdoor activities. Some activities require a small additional fee. There are bargains and offers for the entire park. So leave a little room for delicious treats!


Congaree National Park – Leave the hustle and bustle of Great Colombia and get back to nature around the stunning Congaree National Forest and relax. Visitors to the site can enjoy a 2.4 cycling route as well as a 32 km walk from the forest. Take a canoe tour and spend a day in this national forest. Explore the park on your own or take a free scenic tour.


Lake Murray – Lake Murray is said to be a treasure trove of South Carolina that you can never miss on your calendar lexington ky. Lake Murray provides a fascinating time and great outdoor entertainment for site visitors. Visitors can visit the Lake Murray Visitor Center to learn about the dam’s incredible history. If you’re looking for some bright sun, Lake Murray is the place to be. Visitors can sunbathe, kayak, jet ski, fish and more on stunning Lake Murray.


Lexington County Museum – Lexington County Museum provides an unusual opportunity to step back in time and imagine what life would be like in 1700. Check out the original Lexington place and the oldest Lexington home. This museum is great for training and learning, and also great details for anyone who is thinking about its origins.


University of South Carolina – Only a few miles from downtown Lexington, visitors will find the University of South Carolina. Whether you’re in town for a small trip or just looking to go to school, the university welcomes visitors warmly. If you have the opportunity, don’t forget to come to the USC Gamecock Athletic Event! Football season presents the best enjoyment in the country and you are sure to find fantastic institutional fervor in any sporting competition.

After only a brief introduction to Greater lexington ky locations, you will find that there are plenty of tasks and attractions to keep visitors busy during the long weekend or even a week. Lexington’s convenient location allows site visitors to experience all that this location has to offer.

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