The Nation’s Favourite: Maheshwari Saris

The term Maheshwari saris ring bells in every sari-loving woman’s ears. It originates from Maheshwar, a city in Madhya Pradesh. The Maratha Holkar rule is one of the strongest encouragements behind the development of Maheshwari Saris. The 9-yard sari was designed by skilled craftsmen employed by Ahilya Rani Bai, this style was appreciated in the royal kingdom and later trended among the women of the country, and today it is among the favorites of the country and is also in huge demand internationally. Tribes India offers a good collection of Maheshwari border silk saree for women to choose from.

The complex weaving procedure

Different handlooms are used to manufacture this sari, one is weighted and fixated type of loom, the other handloom type used is made of light metal frames, the colored yarn thread undergoes the weaving procedure, the thread is made free of knots and further stretched, which is spun by the charkha, transforming the bundles to tiny rolls. For warping, a mechanical charkha is incorporated and for weft related tasks, a smaller manual charkha is chosen. The silk thread is much fragile and needs a cylindrical octagonal design to operate, the fabric is treated with natural pigments, Zari, alongwith kinari enchance the vibrancy. Threads like gold or silver give the sari a decorative sheen, and gemstones are used as embedding to create beautiful patterns. Currently, the copper-treated nylon lines are used instead of Zari, the Maheshwari fabric is not only used for saris but also for dupattas and shirts, the Maheshwari fabric is very breezy and light it is best suited for Indian weather, grab your favorite Maheshwari border silk saree at TribesIndia’s website.

Distinct characteristics that set it apart

These saris feature a lustrous finish which women all over the country are fond of, these fabrics were made only in silk but now variants are available in wool and cotton as well, it features cotton yarn thread in weft and silk threads in it’s warp, the eye-catching feature of the Maheshwari sari is the Pallu, it comes in vibrant colors such as green and magenta, the feature of 5 stripes which include two whites and three colored is prominent with Maheshwari saris, the reversible edge of the sari is very attractive.

Maheshwari Saris have been in trend since long and continue to dominate Indian and international markets. You find a good collection of Maheshwari border silk saree at tribesIndia website to select from.Tribes India gives you updates on a daily basis about the traditional art in the form of blogs and articles. The primary objective of Tribes India is to serve the multiple interests of its various members in more than one particular State for the economic and social betterment of its various members and provides you all the traditional products like JewelleryPaintingsCraftsClothing for Men and Women and various Assortments.

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